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#1 10-29-2008 1:06am

From: Fairfield Township, Ohio
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april wishes

why oh why couldnt the end of tonight in bilbao be a full song, its by far my favorite part of the album and sometimes i just rewind the song when that part starts. any one else wish this was a full song along with me?


#2 10-29-2008 8:45am

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From: Bay Area
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Re: april wishes

with Lost Verses, yes..


#3 10-29-2008 9:55am

beginning's eve
From: Atlanta, GA
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Re: april wishes

indeed, it is a great part of the song!

though i like it in the context of Tonight in Bilbao, cuz it gives such contrast to the song as a whole.

much like the change in Duk Koo Kim, at the acoustic guitar breakdown.

and the open drapes look out on frozen farmhouse landscapes...


#4 12-24-2008 8:59am

Registered: 12-23-2008
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Re: april wishes

haha yeah I was so disappointed when I realized that the outro to lost verses was just that and not another song! ah well, and agreed about the end of tonight in bilbao, have you heard the acoustic version from the cnet podcast? it's stellar, he does 'lucky man' and a little interview too. … ozelek.mp3

I think I know my geography pretty damn well...


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