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#61 05-15-2008 7:50pm

From: Salt Lake City, Utah
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Re: How 'April' could have been improved...

Trebor I told you, you are my fucking man! People here have always gotten all pissed off when I said I didnt like something from Mark. All of these teeny bopper/myspace/read all the "cool" music rags/in the now types dont have a fucking clue. They are more worried about the next "indie" or whatever the fuck the next  hip thing is to come out.
Like I said before, they will all leave soon and jump on the next wagon.


#62 05-15-2008 8:06pm

From: NYC
Registered: 04-27-2004
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Re: How 'April' could have been improved...

The "next" wagon? Which was the predecessor?  I don't think those kind of people come on here. Then again, your name is Sickboy and you use the phrase, "My fucking man" which are both myspace worthy.


#63 05-15-2008 9:56pm

beginning's eve
From: Atlanta, GA
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Re: How 'April' could have been improved...

with all due respect, i dont think folks here get upset just cuz someone doesnt like something from Mark's catalog (most of us probably have a few things here or there we dont like from Mark). where i see the contention enter the picture is when that "dislike" is perceived or comes off in a bitter/negative/arrogant/condescending/etc. tone...

and i somehow doubt too many 'sadwhiners' here fall into that indie-scene-kid crowd...
most of us are probably well past those wonderful adolescent stages.
furthermore, Mark Kozelek is relatively old news by now; the same for any ol' 90's act thats still around.

then again, as they say, "i could always be wrong"

and the open drapes look out on frozen farmhouse landscapes...


#64 05-16-2008 6:12am

From: Salt Lake City, Utah
Registered: 03-27-2004
Posts: 485

Re: How 'April' could have been improved...

GreatDivide, maybe you're right. Although I did not mean anything personal, I just tend to stick up for the ones who speak against the norm.
A lot of people here dislike Trebor, and I love to read his threads!
And as for my "name" It comes from my love of Social Distortion and all old skool punk rock.

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#65 05-17-2008 4:43am

From: New Dehli
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Re: How 'April' could have been improved...

Oh this is a hoot! That is why there is more than one kinda ice cream, folks like different things.

Personally, I said it before and I'll say it again, the first 4 RHP records are boring, coma inducing, and like watching paint dry. I am a fan from "Song for Blue Guitar" and everything after. The big Kozelek Electric Sound is heartbreakingly beautiful, for me.

How about dropping this whole thing now, it is getting nerdy and obsessive.

"If you want a friend, feed any animal"
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#66 06-07-2008 7:23am

Registered: 02-15-2005
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Re: How 'April' could have been improved...

michaelnebraska wrote:

i get so sick of people who claim to be fans at shows shouting abuse at mark, and this is no better.

Yeah and im sick of reading and hearing about people being offended by marks bad attitude towards his fans...calling fans 'losers' when they said his music turned thier life around ETC... 

TerryEmm wrote:

I'd like to see any of you guys make an album that barely compares to April....though....

Id rather make an album (if barely) compared to Rollercoaster

sc_otter wrote:

Unfortunately, I still find myself skipping to the next track or changing CD's.  I believe the source of my disappointment and frustration are generated by the years of kinship I have felt with Mr. Kozelek's music.

Well April... hmm Loads of people are saying its fantastic, Ive been finding it a little on the boring side myself...same with the other SKM albums.... But i love unlit hallway and morristown

Masterpiece? not for me, mostly i listen to DCH and rollercoaster more than anything i have by koz, they are to me at least the masterpiece....But well we have to respect others opinions, this is a forum afterall

monkeyman wrote:

the first 4 RHP records are boring, coma inducing, and like watching paint dry.

^ BOOOO! Blasphemy, Sacrilege, You must be punished.....hehehehe

I love SFBG too but i prefer the vanilla sky verison of have you forgotten


#67 08-18-2008 1:54pm

Tim Watley
Registered: 08-18-2008
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Re: How 'April' could have been improved...

Trebor wrote:
LettersInKanji wrote:

I think threads like this are probably the reason that Mark is sometimes quoted dissing his internet fanbase.

If that's the case then Mark's a twat…

As much as I respect him and his music, both Mark and his work are not above criticism. You have to remember that great albums do not solely rely on the main songwriter – they also rely on other other variables such as the producer, other band members or musicians, the manager, close friends, lovers, the sound engineer, inspiration and unexpected circumstances, and (ocasionally) the actual record label. I personally think Mark had a great chemistry (or rapport) with the other band members of RHP and this played a major part in the finished product. If this is not the case then I’m sure it was something else that Mark no longer has access to.

Take the Smashing Pumpkins, for example. Billy Corgan may have written 99% of the songs (and played most of the instruments in the studio) but it was the original band members who kept his muse firmly on the ground - helping him to remain focused. Now, can anyone here say that they truly love (or even own) the Smashing Pumpkins’ comeback album (where the absence of Ida and D’Arcy is sorely missed)? I thought not.

And what about David Bowie? Do you think the concept of Ziggy Stardust would have come to full fruition without his then wife, Angie? Would ‘Young Americans’ have sounded as brilliant without Luther Vandross’ informal contribution to the vocal arrangements of the chorus? Lastly, I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that Steve Albini brings out the best in the artists/bands he produces – The Wedding Present? Low? The Breeders?

So, yes, why don’t you all carry on worshipping Mark like some golden calf. But the fact is, great albums do not solely rely on songwriting – they also rely on other external factors. As a result, my thread should not cause offence to those who are mature enough to realise this fact (disregarding the fact that I have every right to air my musical views). And if you’re not, there are plenty of other threads on this forum that you can focus your energies on…

I pretty much joined this forum to comment on your thread...

you say here that He's not above criticism.  That is true.

what is totally out of line is presenting a discussion about how YOU think his album would be IMPROVED.
I can't think of anything MORE insulting to Mark than that.  Now, sure you can say you didn't like htis and that and that you prefer older material or whatever it is... but to suggest that you would improve his work, as if it's something that is maleable... as if he made an album as a suggestion of what he should do when he REALLY puts out the album.   

(modern rock fan-dome has become infested with this attitude that musicians should please them rather than express themselves... the reasoning behind that i suppose is that we've all heard enough pop music to think that we can do it ourselves)

I'm glad you didn't like it cause you're entitled to have and speak your opinion.  but say your opinion, don't start a protest movement against the parts of mark's personality and inpiration is displeasing to you.


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