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#1 03-20-2008 6:15pm

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Some "April" Lyrics

This is what I got with about an hour and a half of effort, I am tired now, maybe I will get to the rest, maybe not. Definitely let me know if I'm wrong or if you have any theories on the blanks.

"lucky man"
woken up those new york mornings
shivering bones
her old brownstone
closed empty kisses
marks time has flown
so hard to find it in us
to leave these dreams
to leave these dreams

growing up ohio mornings
sleeping in late
ducking out the window
the school i hate
listening to my mother
talking with her neighborhood friends
underneath the drone guitar of 'lucky man'

stranded out those florida beaches
poor as a ______
sails flying merritt island's
lazy blue coast
cool refrains of ocean rain
echo off of my head
celebrated summer,
friends and brothers
the freedom we felt
and you're what i remember

shining down the LA highways
glorious sun
far from you, from my home
and everyone i love
sinking in the shallow waves
of her infinite pools
silver lakes and palisades
of malibu

woken those lost _____ mornings
somewhere in spain
i couldn't say the towns i slept
my lovers name
pouring in on sunday
heaven's church bell rang
i didn't know my purpose
til i stood and sang
for crowds of passing faces

woken up to this new april's
sleepy gray skies
the rain has swept
the doves they nest
the gutters rise
the fog it spills
into the hills
crawling out east
the windows weep
beside me my love she sleeps and how
now have i found her


"unlit hallway"
walking down the unlit hallway of life
there's hope i know
there's an angel she follows me
follows me close
she touches my shoulders
sings words so clear
they bring comfort to my ear
she guided me home

breathe my love
wake my love
hold me my love

looking out into the skyline today
how will we ever stay
composed or smile
her soul, rising for miles
her soul's rising for miles
looking out into this morning she left
how will we ever rest
staring at the ground
we spread her around
they spread her around

breathe my love
wake my love
hold me my love

coming in the haunted city at last,
my heart beat fast
down kearney, down pine, down stockton, down hyde
she followed me home
and i found you there
asleep in my chair,
i found you there
and i feel you near like you are still here
i feel you near

breathe my love
wake my love
hold me my love


"heron blue"
don't cry my love
don't cry no more
a crashing sky, a roaring scream
a city drowning god's black tears
i cannot bear to see you

she lay under the midnight moon
her restless body stirring
until the magic morning hour
like poison, it succumbs her

her baby's scared, (?)
her old black dress
her it twists round her necklace
constricts and chokes like ruthless vines
til sleep, she overtakes her

her room is painted heron blue
lit by candlelight and chandelier
and from her headboard perched so high
a million dreams have passed her

don't cry my love
don't cry no more
it overwhelms my breaking heart
her mind of swell of violins
i cannot bear to hear them

a mother shephards her young birds
she fills their mouths and warms their souls
til they are strong and good to fly
away from her, alone she'll die

cradled on quiet old oak limb
as heaven blew her light fell in
a breathe of soot into her lungs
a life a journey's end in one

don't sing that old sad hymn no more
it resonates inside my soul
it haunts me in my waking dreams
i cannot bear to hear it

don't play those violins no more
their melancholic overtones
they echo off the floor and moan
i cannot bear to hear them


her window looked out on north church street
an attic space overgrown
her photobooks of smiling friends
road maps, new york, los angeles
her walls are mediterranean blue
her baby sister picked the hue
salt water taffy, jersey shore
blue like the fingernails she wore

her house is not far from the school
her mom taught on the hudson
her dad's guitar sings open tuned
reverberates up through the floor
our love grew more one summer there
we'd spend our days just driving round
old parking lots and neighborhoods
our framed and charming moorestown

i followed her across the earth
through parks in london, coasts of perth
newport, kentucky, new orleans
we shared a million laughs, it seems
i slept with her so many nights
we moved together heavenly
so close the north pacific slept
you too were once beside me

she moved away to williamsburg
her eyes sad as a raven
my thoughts will pause, my throat will swell
when her name is spoken
and looking past the cold, long sea
i cannot help to wonder now
if the cascading soft lights
are glowing for us in moorestown


"harper road"
blackberries ripe on the branches
her skin is burning, she burns to pick them
take a deep delicious bite
for our aching stomachs we delight
sorrow came in floods this sick room
without reason or warning
we're now in may, june, and july
don't leave my love, don't leave my side

brighter than moonlight glows,
my love does for you
in dreams of harper road
i'll always find you stretched out like an orange taffy

and on the porch with ferns surrounding her
barren(?) breath she'll take not often
there her hard troubles subtly soften
wild oaks bear the deadliest drought
like a mother's will it snuffs out
_______ come round it breezing
it shall endure into the driest season
my blood runs through my only daughter
her eyes are mine so hot with wonder
be my voice my light my power
be with me in my leaving hour

brighter than moonlight glows
my love does for you
in dreams of harper road
i'll always find you


"like the river"
we floated downstream
like swans in the sun
surrounded by friends and lovers
they watched on with smiles,
beaming so bright
the river behind them, the fading ________

i knew her back from when she was young
those days poured out faster than rounds from a gun
scattered like shells and lost to the sea
like the river, the days move rapidly

i have all these memories, i don't know what for
i have them and i can't help it
some overflow and spill like waves
some i will harbor
for all of my days

i burned liked wood, you grew like a flower
rising toward your magical hour
i was not yours and you were not mine
our true love finds us when it is time

we drove back downtown,
wasted and spent
down highways that i remember
happy for her and happy for me
the old times and the new one ____

i laid down my head, in love with the night
with my new love beside me, her radiant light
faded away, along with my thoughts,
like a dream, and i trail off mystically


"tonight in bilbao"
i walked the old eroded streets
a million miles now have gone behind me
walked in the room, soaked up its fumes
surveyed the faces i had _______ into
gave what i had, i gave my heart
though i was broken and falling apart
gave for the memory of a friend
not for myself and not for them

when i was down, i met someone
she came in so bright and welcoming
her friends came and swept her away
disappeared like coyotes off on dark high plains
i looked across the river so still
trying to remember
where it was last night i laid my head to sleep
where the empty night hung heavily over (?)

i left bilbao
it's a lonely drive
to barcelona, to pamplona
where every ghost runs in me now (?)
haunting me

i flew in over the red clay roofs
and floated through the clouds as they swallowed shut
and houses ________ like ________
when we touched down, opened my eyes to the sun
the dizzying air filled my lungs
and just as soon as she woke me
my eyes blurry, my mind heavy

i left bilbao
and went to rome
and carried her aroma
and all the kindness she'd ever shown
was only a dream

flurries damp, storm cold gray
frozen nights where ignored souls live
as last rains of daylight died
i'm going into my head and clearing my eyes
and as the train pulled away from ________
the noise down the wire so loudly it groaned
and as the engines burned through the night
i stared off at far-away lights

i left berlin
and i came home
to sleeping potions and blue oceans
where my love so selflessly
awaited me
i long to feel her light so warm
my thoughts racing to the places
where her room invited me
awaited me

over the bridge, the city sparkles so bright
a hungry starving smell, bread ________
dim light of the television blaring softly
and here the perfect night has _________


"blue orchids"
the ancient streets so crowded and ______
the winding stairs climb up, up high
the air tonight hangs sour and heavy
i'm dying up here love, lie with me long

the view, electrical and sprawling
the city lights move out and on and on
out there in the halo of the skyline
my guardian angel looks down upon me

forty nights we've had this rain
shower me in her warm kisses

a burning star over long lost highways
my fallen love died so young
and all the gifts you gave i have them
and all your love i'm still holding onto

she rides the halo of the skyline
my fallen sister died so young
our last goodbye i wanted to be there
to bathe the loss from your fading eyes

close these sweeping long gray curtains
the dizzying spiraling heights

soft light pours into the room
fingers glide over my face,
a voice speaks, a figure moves
how could i walk these old empty halls again
how could i leave this room all alone?

but she comes by every morning
brings back pink and pale blue orchids
she comes by every afternoon
piano music weeps quietly
as may melts into june
she comes by every evening
lays down beside me softly breathing

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#2 03-20-2008 10:37pm

From: new york, ny
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Re: Some "April" Lyrics

gads, thanks so much for doing this.  i've been listening to the new record and wondering about all the lyrics.  there's nothing better than listening to music with the lyrics....!

thank you thank you thank you!



#3 03-21-2008 12:07am

From: Huntington Beach CA
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Re: Some "April" Lyrics

Lament, you should sticky this, and then we can all have a go ala the Ghosts... thread (which, by the way, should be updated when the new version of Nights comes out).

I hate to see you look that way
All the beauty has left your face
That's such an easy thing to give away
That's impossible to replace -American Music Club


#4 03-21-2008 7:16am

From: Mid-Atlantic
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Re: Some "April" Lyrics

I would just like to add that I think everyone should do what I did and just sit with this record for a couple hours in headphones and no other distractions. It really put the whole thing over the top for me and onto my list of greatest albums I have ever heard. Blue Orchids is a great example of this. It really didn't grab me when I first heard it, but when I sat down to transcribe the lyrics... wow. The second half (where the spanish guitar-style instrumental kicks in, somebody mentioned this in a previous thread I think), and then the outro, gives me chills. Amazing.


#5 03-21-2008 7:39am

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Re: Some "April" Lyrics

Thanks for this, and good job.
I'll go ahead and agree about Blue Orchids.  After being fairly stuck on Lost Verses since I got the album, I found myself stuck on Blue Orchids last night.  This song is just so beautiful it's unreal. 
In a few short days, this album has really topped Ghosts... for me.  Which is such a lovely surprise.  It's nice to have these lyrics now, too.


#6 03-21-2008 12:46pm

From: Barcelona
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Re: Some "April" Lyrics

About the lyrics Of Tonight in Bilbao, I'm not sure (english is not my first language) but i think Mark sings:

I left Bilbao,
Went to Madrid,
To Barcelona, to Pamplona


I left Milan
and went to Rome...

Thanks for give us that lyrics...a hard work!


#7 03-21-2008 1:32pm

From: marin
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Re: Some "April" Lyrics

i flew in over the red clay roofs
and floated through the clouds as they swallowed shut
bronze tinted land and sea


#8 03-21-2008 3:00pm

Site Owner
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Re: Some "April" Lyrics

Carry_Me_Ohio wrote:

Lament, you should sticky this, and then we can all have a go ala the Ghosts... thread (which, by the way, should be updated when the new version of Nights comes out).

lol was going to create a post yesterday but forgot. smile



#9 03-21-2008 5:20pm

neverending math equation
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Re: Some "April" Lyrics

In 'Harper Road' he says, "...I'll always find you stretched out like an orange tabby." Meaning, a cat.


#10 03-21-2008 5:52pm

From: Germany
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Re: Some "April" Lyrics

In "Tonight in Bilbao" it´s:

"and as the train pulled away from Cologne"

Obviously he´s singing about the Sun Kil Moon tour 2004.

The train pulled away on May 26th... the day after the show I missed...quite near my hometown...


#11 03-22-2008 7:27am

From: Mid-Atlantic
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Re: Some "April" Lyrics

Thanks everybody. Some of these I figured out, but I hadn't had a chance to update yet. I also figured out some other changes. I am hoping to get a chance to make them today, but we'll see. Easter weekend is hectic.


#12 03-23-2008 1:44am

From: Newcastle, England
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Re: Some "April" Lyrics

I heard.....

"harper road"

sorrow came in floods this april
without reason hope or warning
we're now in may, june, and july
don't leave my love, don't hear my sigh

i'll always find you stretched out like an orange tabby

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#13 03-26-2008 10:46pm

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Re: Some "April" Lyrics

LettersinKanji     I bealive the three blanks you are looking for  in "lucky man"   are   "Thinkin out the airwell",  that would make sense because brownstone is an old style  apartment bulding  mostly in the northeast especially new york and airwell is an old way of  cooling and heating these old building that have platforms.....well you get the point i dont think you want the whole explanation just the lyric.   

Blank number two is joke.

Blank number three is young.

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#14 03-27-2008 3:32pm

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Re: Some "April" Lyrics

Those were my theories on two and three as well, except I'm not sure 2 makes sense, though I guess it could, and in headphones he appears to be singing two syllables in 3. But you could be right.


#15 03-29-2008 10:20pm

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Re: Some "April" Lyrics

The very last verse of blue orchids is so hauntingly beautiful as is the rest of the song but I don't know, that last bit really did a number on me. I don't know how anyone can write music this beautiful.


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