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#1 01-27-2007 3:45pm

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Hello from Texas

Hi.  I'm John, and I just registered here this afternoon.  Somebody from dimeadozen sent me over here after I posted a comment for the show that's there, saying there's other live music here.  (If you're a member, you can download the 03.31.04 show here.)  So here I am!

I discovered Mark and SKM 2 or three years ago after stumbling across Ghosts of the Great Highway at Border's, which I've listened to a lot.  Still getting familiar with their music, but after that album, Tiny Cities, and some of the EPs I've gotten my hands on, I'm hooked.

I'm wrapping up college this May before relocating to the East Coast and going after a teaching certificate.  High school English classes in Pennsylvania should beware.  I'm on my way. smile

Thanks for the site!

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#2 01-27-2007 4:57pm

beginning's eve
From: Atlanta, GA
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Re: Hello from Texas

east coast livin, rock on man!

yeah man, aside from the Vanilla Sky Soundtrack where i very first heard of RHP, Ghosts of the Great Highway was pretty much my intro into the world of Koz...

its just gotten better everyday since!

good luck with finishin up college man,
keep us posted on your new Koz material endevors...

as always,
take care. be well.


and the open drapes look out on frozen farmhouse landscapes...


#3 01-27-2007 5:15pm

From: Mid-Atlantic
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Re: Hello from Texas

I'm from the Philadelphia/Allentown general area so if you end up in that area and have questions or whatever let me know.


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