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#1 10-25-2006 10:20pm

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'Little Drummer Boy' tracklist, album art, press release

Red Eye (the company distributing the album in the US) has the official press release (PDF) and album art up.  Inside the press release is the tracklist, as follows:

01. Trucker's Atlas
02. Salvador Sanchez
03. Cruiser
04. Katy Song
05. Little Drummer Boy
06. All Mixed Up
07. Moorestown
08. Unlit Hallway
09. Duk Koo Kim
10. Four Fingered Fisherman
11. Lily and Parrots
12. Carry Me Ohio
13. Bubble
14. Mistress

01. Michigan
02. Void
03. Down Colorful Hill
04. Rock 'n Roll Singer
05. Glenn Tipton
06. Tiny Cities


#2 10-25-2006 10:25pm

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Re: 'Little Drummer Boy' tracklist, album art, press release

It's interesting that they didn't design the CDs to feature two even sets.  Unless that's a half hour performance of Rock 'n Roll Singer.  Maybe Phil solos.  But still I'm very happy with that tracklist


#3 10-26-2006 4:38am

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Re: 'Little Drummer Boy' tracklist, album art, press release

After White Christmas Live and the new Little Drummer Boy Live CD's.....I wonder what type of cover his 'Black' album might have? It is weird the way that the songs have been split (I would have thought that Duk Koo Kim would have been the longest song, but heh)


#4 10-26-2006 3:38pm

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Re: 'Little Drummer Boy' tracklist, album art, press release

I'm glad the tracklist is pretty good. I wasn't too thrill with the tracks from "white christmas," I felt that was a poor choice of songs on that record, didn't capture his music. Definitely looking forward to hearing 'Michigan,' the two new songs, 'Lily and Parrots,' 'Mistress,' 'Duk Koo Kim' and 'Bubble' (which I became a big fan of that song after I heard him play on that Culture Catch video.


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