09/29/18 @ The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (Mark Kozelek)

Special guest Jessica Pratt.

Please post your reviews and setlist of the show here.


  • I was at this show. Don't remember the set list exactly of the order, but he definitely played:
    Black Butterfly, 666 Post, I'm not Laughing at You, Linda Blair, This is My Dinner, My Love for You is Undying, Dogs, I Can't Live without my Mother's Love.

    The crowd wasn't great, and I think Mark was pretty bummed about that. A lot of people did leave throughout the show. He played some of his European tour songs and I think a lot of the references were lost.

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    Can’t fill a room in his hometown anymore? Maybe he’s right that DJs took over SF.

  • The Fillmore is a lot larger than venues he's been playing in the city for the last few years... Had he played Great American Music Hall, it likely would've sold out

  • Right. It is a much larger venue, with a capacity of over 1300. I think due to this the hall seemed even more empty than it actually was. A lot of the audience seemed to come expecting his older stuff, too. I believe this is the show that Caroline mentioned 30 people leaving after he said he wasn't going to play any old stuff.

  • Where are you hearing things from Caroline?!

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    You aren’t FB friends admiral?

  • Admiralfell- Someone posted that Mark brought up Caroline's comment about people leaving at another show. That's how I heard it haha.

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