09/14/18 @ Aladdin Theater, Portland, OR (Mark Kozelek)

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  • Set was as follows:

    Night Talks
    The Black Butterfly
    This Is My Dinner
    The Mark Kozelek Museum
    I'm Not Laughing At You
    Ceiling Gazing
    This is My Town
    Linda Blair
    666 Post
    My Love for You is Undying

    I Can't Live Without My Mother's Love
    A Dream of Winter

    Show was just over 3 hours and out of all the times I've seen Mark, I thought this was def the one where he got the most aggressive with the crowd. He softened a bit towards the end, and said he has a love/hate relationship with Portland, because so many of his friends from SF have moved away and up here.

    He gave us a choice before "This is my Dinner", either one about Norway or Philadelphia. I'm guessing the Philadelphia song was "1983 MTV Era Music...". Crowd voted Norway. "Dinner" was def the highlight of the evening for me, thought the instrumentation was really beautiful, looking forward to the album version.

    He also mentioned that the 3 of them (Ben & Ramon) had gone into Isaac Brock's studio the day before to record "1983 MTV Era Music..." and that it would be on an as yet untitled album coming later in 2019. He also got Ben to record some crowd noise for it, saying he new how to get a loud response, and proceeded to say "This next song 'Medicine Bottle', I haven't played since 1994", he did this with a few song titles before ending with "Hey, I just heard the War on Drugs are going to stop recording."

    I'm guessing he played "I'm not laughing at you", he said it was off the album with Donny and Jim, and the title def fit the lyrics. Song was about Belgium and how the rest of the world sees America. Pretty dark song.

    "Ceiling Gazing" was an audience request that he actually agreed to, even though the woman couldn't remember the name of the song. For "Mother's Love" he got a guy called Spencer out of the audience to sing with him. Paid the guy $220.

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