The Official "New Mark Kozelek/Sun Kil Moon tour dates" Thread



  • ^ Where he will be joined onstage by Kermit the Frog on 'beer commercial lead guitar', Animal on drums and Eeyore on bass, and straight after hopping into bed with Miss Piggy

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    JRS said:
    Glasgow show tickets available here - got mine this morning :0)

    Thanks, still debating whether or not to take the trip. Already going to Leeds and London.

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    MrHanky said:

    mcmaurice said:
    To shows in Switzerland have been added.
    And the story continues next year when he is playing in Orlando.

    Is he Blooming Playing Orlando?Chortle!!

  • No ticket info for the Dublin gig yet. He's probably thinking of pulling the plug, just for the hell of it.

  • ...if anyone comes across or wants to sell either one or ( preferably ) two tickets to Leeds on 1st December, do DM me :-)

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    @Noise_Annoys tix went on sale @9am this morning.Hope u got sorted amigo

  • Yeah, got them thanks. Was straight in this time as I reckon demand will be stronger with the success of Benji. Looks like it will be the band, although it's quite disconcerting to see Mark stand up and wander around the stage and sing.

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    Were u...ahem...adamant you'd get them this time?
    If u can tolerate more of this type of "humour" I can be found @goonersville46

  • if he doesn't announce the berlin date soon I'm going to be pretty fucking pissed...and traveling to Amsterdam.

  • Bought a ticket for Dublin. It says section STAND, but there are also seat numbers. Didn't see any seating chart or whatsover. Kind of confusing.

  • January shows in Denver, CO and Lincoln, NE are up.

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    mcmaurice said:
    Bought a ticket for Dublin. It says section STAND, but there are also seat numbers. Didn't see any seating chart or whatsover. Kind of confusing.

    Last time he played the Button Factory it was unreserverved seating.The seats are for those who..cough..cant STAND him

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    Salt Lake City show at The State Room added for January 28th, but it's Mark solo.

    Speaking of.. all January dates are now Mark solo and no longer Sun Kil Moon shows.

    January 26, 2015, Lincoln, NE @ Vega (Mark solo)
    January 28, 2015, Salt Lake City, UT @ The State Room (Mark solo)
    January 29, 2015, Denver, CO @ Soiled Dove (Mark solo)
    January 31, 2015, Orlando, FL @ Alexus & Jim Pugh Theater (Mark solo)

  • ...and just a quick reminder - if anyone's got a spare ticket for Leeds on 1st December, do message me.

    Saw a couple on stubhub for double face value ( robbing bastards ) but they've gone.

    Thanks !

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    Tonight's gig in Leeds is cancelled.

    Tentatively rescheduled to June 2nd.

  • Any reason given?

  • Plane cancellation apparently. Not sure whether this affects Wednesday's gig also.

  • Dublin date sold out. Probably a while since that has happened.

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    Yes indeed...Leagues who would have been promoter for all of his appearances here except for this and last appearance at same venue said roughly that-He has his core of loyal fans who always come and see him but in general I make a loss with his gigs...and he's a pain in the ass.
    Leagues is a good guy and shame he's not making some money on this one (sad face)
    The Afghan Whigs has been moved from Whelans to bigger venue of The Academy for 2nd February 2015 (side issue I know)

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    I see there's a SKM show scheduled for 1st June 2015 at The Barbican, London. Fits in with the proposed rescheduled Leeds date on 2nd.

    ...and if anyone has a spare ticket or two for Leeds, do let me know :-(

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    For anyone who doesn't know, if you buy tickets from the Barbican website itself, you can chose your seat. Got mine at the back of the front block (it's only five rows deep) as i sat there for the Residents and it's a great view. You can still get front row but the view isn't that great.

  • Why is this concert selling so fast? All the good seats are already gone. I rather go to Leeds. Anyone has some tickets for that gig?

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  • And some gigs at the Primavera festival in Portugal and Barcelona, which is a fabulous festival!

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    Japanese tour coming up:

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    Well spotted...are you a cunning linguist?Who updates Caldo Verde Site I wonder?

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    No, just checking to see when he is playing in my town.

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    Perth, Australia, March 25 @ The Bakery was just announced.

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    Some new European dates, which all looking very interesting. These are Sun Kil Moon shows.

    MAY 30, 2015
    La Paloma - Festival This is Not a Love Song, Nîmes

    MAY 31, 2015
    Colston Hall, Bristol

    JUNE 7, 2015
    Cortile del Castello Estense, Ferrara, Italy

    JUNE 8, 2015
    Auditorium Parco della Musica - Sala Petrassi, Rome

    JUNE 9, 2015
    Carroponte, Milan

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