Question To Those Who Have Listened To A Lot Of Live Shows

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I've been looking through the setlists of whatever live show I can find from Kozelek's long career, and I've noticed that there are a number of songs (practically all of them from the RHP era), that I can't find on any of them. Funhouse, Blindfold, Over My Head, Moments, SFABG, and ASFABG seem to not be the most notable absences. If anyone can identify if Kozelek ever played any some of the above mentioned songs, by all means please feel free to correct me. If there are any songs that he hasn't ever played live, then please state which.


  • ASFABG He played in 1997 at MCCabes Guitar Shop off the top of my head
    Cabezon, Brockwell Park he definetly played as SKM but otherwise im not sure, Oh and unfortunately Red Carpet, but there are many more

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    Red Carpet, huh? That's an interesting omission.

  • Sorry the return didnt go through
    did this work?
    and I meant that those were NOT played with RHP but Brockwell Park im not incredibly sure but im fairly certain

  • haha sorry bout that

  • There are lots of others that in turn he ended up playing throughout tours in 2005 and 2006, Like Lord Kill The Pain and Down Colorful Hill

  • I think Between Days was the only song he didn't play on a regular basis between 1995-2001 from Old Ramon

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