7 Songs Belfast

Only cd I'm still missing is 7 Songs Belfast.

Anyone who wants to trade this for?
The Kids
I'll be There (sealed)
Down in the Willow Garden (sealed)
Sings Christmas Carols (sealed)


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    Good luck. I got mine from a kind forum member but there doesn't seem to be many copies around. It seems to be the hardest one to find. It's great too

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    There is a near mint for 18 pounds.


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    A friend of mine picked it up for the merchandise table last year. Sometimes they suddenly show up.

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    Were they charging much less than 18 pounds?

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    Yes, 10 euro or 10 pounds for the cd's.

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    Okay that doesn't seem to be a large difference for a rare item, but it seems you want to trade rather than buy. Good luck with that.

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