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Hi. Does anyone want to discuss the lyrics to Smokey? It's one of my favorite songs by Mark Kozelek. The first verse has left me perplexed the last 6 years or so, haha. Just wanted to know others interpretations.


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    Interestingly, until I looked up the lyrics, I thought the second line was "I'm staying up, waiting for the night before", which I really liked and was kinda annoyed when I found out that's not it.
    I don't feel like I really understand what Mark meant with the lyrics (especially as some lines I really don't know what they're about), but I absolutely love them, easily one of his best songs for me lyrically. I was hooked from the first line.

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    I love the song and the lyrics. As a non-native speaker it´s even harder for me get behind the meaning of some lines, but afterall it doesn´t matter. The lyrics are simply beautiful. It´s about loss, as so many times with Mark.

    I don´t understand everything in my favorite song LOST VERSES either, but the magic they lyrics raise are made for great dreams and thoughts of my own. SMOKEY does the same, too.

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    definitely magical and somewhat abstract. a far cry from our hero's current state. just enough meat and detail to evoke.... and then.... poof - gone.

    i love this one too. Klassic Koz mixture of the Sacred & Profane.

    Mortality, Longing, and a "smothered face, gripping on my waist" ---> what do you think is up with that?

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    Love Smokey. I've only recently realised that River on Old Ramon is another song about his cat!

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