Just updated the forum - post any issues here

Hi guys,

Just updated to the latest version of Vanilla, the forum software.

Let me know if anything's wonky.

One issue I'm noticing is when showing new posts, it will say "x new plural" instead of "x new".. looking into that.


  • noticed that, too. thanks for keeping this here up to date :)

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    OK just a case of clearing out old .ini files in the cache.. all clear!

  • Hi, it's currently impossible to log in using IE. I know IE sucks but I, and maybe others, have it on my work computer and cannot change this. When you fill in the usual login box, you get a red error message saying:

    Email / Username is required.
    Password is required.
    Please try again.

    Those come up even when you've typed the right info into the boxes!

    Is this something that can be fixed? I tend to read and post as much ok work PC as I do on laptop / phone

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    @Thunderbolt which version of IE?

    Usually issues with older versions of IE have to do with rendering the page, not functionality like logging in.

    The alternative is using your phone. Not ideal, I know, but the core of Vanilla is built on modern web languages so at some point older browsers won't be supported. :(

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    Just noticed if you click Quote on a comment that has a previous quote in that post, the person's comment is not quoted. I'll look into that.

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