Koz gets The Best Show treatment

apparently there's not much FOT love from the Sad Whiners. this was a month ago.



the bit starts around 2 1/2 hours and runs for about 10 minutes. here -> http://thebestshow.net/episode/worst-100-characters-percy-hobart-mike-krol/#play

Sun Kil Mike!

if you need more elucidation on this, just google around.


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    Ha ha only 15 mins in and this dipshit is slagging off wrestling fans for their stupidity and then he talks about Carnac McCarthy and The Road...C-O-R-M-A-C you dozy fucker
    Is it possible to just access the bit about Mark

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    Wasn't Carnac what Johnny Carson called himself when he wore the turban?

  • I can tell you guys don't listen to The Best Show...

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