Dreams of Childhood

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Just saw this Caldo Verde FB post.


Mark Kozelek & Nicolás Pauls - Dreams of Childhood
A Spoken Word Album - October 27 - Caldo Verde Records

Dreams of Childhood is a collection of 11 poems written by street kids in Argentina, translated by Argentine actor/musician Nicolás Pauls, Federico Novik, Pablo Cubarle and Catalina Morano. Performed in English by Mark Kozelek and in Spanish by Nicolás Pauls. Executive producer Nicolás Pauls. All proceeds will go to La Casa de la Cultura de la Calle (The Streets House of Culture) which is a nonprofit civil organization that seeks the social inclusion of kids with no homes by giving them art, music, theatre and photography classes.

The poems:

My Love Will Protect You
Dreams Of Childhood
Go To Your Bed
If I Wrote About You I'd Write A Book
I Dreamed Of My Sister
Close To Me
Go To bed
My Sweet Heart
Beautiful Letter Dreams



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    I am kind of excited about Mark performing poetry (which will hopefully be accompanied by music).

    Just like the Mark we used to know!

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    Same details up on sunkilmoon.com.Hey maybe he's a good guy after all

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    It's spoken word, so probably without any music. Why didn't he hire Gustavo for the translation in Spanish?

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    He's still stuck in Tijuana.

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    Very excited for this. Nice cover art. I really do quite enjoy the spoken word sections on Universal Themes.

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    @MrHanky said:
    Same details up on sunkilmoon.com.Hey maybe he's a good guy after all

    He's done a few things for charity over the years.


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    Are people really excited about hearing a spoken word album from Mark? I guess spoken word is essentially what he's been doing with his vocals for the last couple of albums, but at least there's some decent music behind some of the songs on those albums. I couldn't imagine trying to sit through an album of just Mark reading poetry from children.

  • That's way better than the ones with Gibbard. Lots of good info in there.

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    I dig that New Dog album Classic Ballroom Dances, cool that he lives in Somerville MA. Ill be grabbing the spoken word album, nice that its for a good cause.

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    "I don’t regret any records. A few albums that fell together very organically and naturally for me were Perils From the Sea, my collaboration with Jimmy Lavalle, and Admiral Fell Promises probably captures me at my most focused as a singer/guitarist/composer. But I feel that the best ones are whatever the fans like, whatever speaks to them individually. There really is no best record or worst record from any artist. It’s about which one speaks to you the most. I’m always most passionate about what I’m currently working on."

    I actually really dig that response.

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    cool - a new Mark Kozelek album with no singing and no music and featuring words he didn't write!

    a few months ago this would have been a joke about him officially abandoning everything he's known for, but, at least it's for charity i will probably buy a copy

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    Next is an album reciting limericks.

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    @lament I was kidding really.I have probably about a dozen or so benefit/tribute albums he has organised or featured on

  • Pre-order up on Caldo now. Looks like this is the buying point for the new free EP. Can't beat the price either at $7.99!!

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    So "Sick Again" the Led Zeppelin cover from Mojo magazine from a couple of months ago and "Down in The Willow Garden" I presume is The Everly Brothers song

  • It's a traditional, and was done by many other artist along with The Everly Brothers

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    You guys seem pretty sure that this album is just Mark reading stuff. But I've heard the expression "spoken word" used in contexts where there's also music as a backdrop to the words. Take for example David Sylvian's latest project:

    Technically, it's a spoken word album - it features a poet reading from his poems. But musically, there's a lot going on, too. So I can easily imagine this new record by Mark to feature a lot of guitars...

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    Can I just ask if anyone else who ordered this got an order confirmation or should I take it that the fact that I didnt I should order again?
    Thanks folks

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    @MrHanky, I got an order confirmation along with an order number. Try to get in touch with them: orders (at) signreverse (dot) com

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    @Nick Thanks will do

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    I received what they call a receipt that has an order number.

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    So I got this email from Caldo Verde:

    Dear Customer,

    Due to a delay in shipment from our manufacturer, your order of Mark Kozelek and Nicolas Pauls, Dreams of Childhood CD, + free CD Mark Kozelek, Down In The Willow Garden EP will be delayed. Your order should be shipped out by the end of next week. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at customersupport@signreverse.com.

    Thank you,
    Customer Support

  • Mark should write a diss song about it; Cry Me A River Over The Argentinian Street Kids Poetry CD Delay Blues.

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    The manufacturer fell behind because a key employee was sick again.

  • So I was wrong - it's really just Mark reciting poems. No music, no nothing. :-(

  • I don't know what to think... Even when just talking he sounds as if he's too lazy to open his damn mouth all the way and not sound like he's mumbling... if this wasn't for charity I'd call it a joke, but at the same time I can see this leading to his new career path voicing books on tape....

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    Maybe he could narrate GPS directions like OnStar or whatever it's called.

  • The logical next step would be "Mark Kozelek Reads Christmas Stories". He'll have a hard time outmumbling Mark E. Smith, though.

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