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This question may have been asked before so forgive me if I'm repeating a topic. I'm just wondering how do you guys organise your Kozelek tunes in your music player. Do you just keep it as the originals; RHP, Sun Kil Moon, Mark Kozelek, mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaVelle/Desertshore? Or do you combo them in to one Mark Kozelek file or another way?
I've been contemplating having it split as RHP, Mark Kozelek and Mark Kozelek live (with Mark Kozelek & Desertshore on its own). It is purely a matter of taste but just intrigued to know does anyone else think like me in regards to this?


  • I tend to keep RHP and SKM as is, then I just retitle all Mark's collaborations so they all come under his own name, just seems easier to access that way. But then ATL and AFP are almost solo Mark anyway

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    I am a caveman and place the cd in the tray.

  • KozFan said:
    I am a caveman and place the cd in the tray.

    Haha, yeah me too. Cd's, lp's, and some tapes too! Sadly I don't remember 8 track cartridges or 78's :)

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    KozFan said:
    I am a caveman and place the cd in the tray.

    Yeah me too.Only listen to music in 3 ways

    My cds on my discman

    My no way of listening to it at present

    The majority of new music not covered above on the wireless or what you modern young dudes call RADIO

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    Speaking of vinyl I may be parting with my Duk Koo Kim ten inch because I planned to get a turntable and never did. If anyone is looking for one let me know. It's never played but open. The corners are bent because the record store didn't use a record mailer.

  • @KozFan I may be up for that. What are you asking/ where are you?

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    I'm in Chicago. I may just do a Christmas free raffle and ask the winner not to resell it. It's just gathering dust here. I see it starts at 60 on discogs but that may be sealed?

  • @KozFan i'm pretty close by (NY). That all sounds good, let us know what's up when you decide.

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    I will probably start another thread about it.

  • Thanks guys. My caveman cd ways are reserved for the car and my vinyl - I don't have much Kozelek on vinyl unfortunately. It's an expensive hobby!

  • well for the foagies, how do you organize the vinyl? all Koz-involved in chronological order? Grouped by act name?

    I do a little hybrid method. I have all "main" LPs for RHP, SKM, MK (& Collabs) in chronological order (once copy only if i have multiples), "Misc" (in chronological order), i.e. EPs, soundtracks, collections, etc., then live stuff (chronological). easier to find that way rather than straight chronological.

  • On the original question, I've organised all my mp3 under artist 'Mark Kozelek', and if he's released the album under a different artist name, I'll add that to the album title (e.g. 'April - Sun Kil Moon'. The advantage is having all his releases under one artist, which helps me find the files quick, select all his releases into one playlist etc.
    More tricky was choosing the genre - I went with 'Acoustic'. Although not the obvious choice for e.g. for the RHP albums, this is outweighed by the advantage for me of having one consistent genre per artist.
    And I use MusicBee for organising & playing of the mp3s.

  • good idea Jebus

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    The live albums are what give me a headache, it used to be that I knew where I was with it all (White Christmas not so good, Little Drummer Boy excellent etc), but now I'm just lost!

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    Put color coded stickers on, green yes yellow fair red no.

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    Thanks @KozFan, an excellent strategy!

  • I import the CD's via iTunes and use whichever artist name it gets from the internet. I'll manually edit the genre to 'Alternative' Sometimes it will find the album artwork for me (RHP and SKM releases), and sometimes not (MK live albums). In the cases where it doesnt I'll take a picture of the cover with my phone import it manually into iTunes.

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