Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle: Perils From The Sea



  • got it today !!

    yes, it's a grower, as someone said.

    the last song is very beautiful and highly moving. the only slight regret about it is i wish we could hear the strings better, i mean, more organic like strings on previous TAL albums like "in a safe place" where SIGUR ROS string quarter perfectly suits the music. "in a safe place" is still my fave TAL album, by the way, and i remember listening to it in the plane when i went to iceland in 2004.

    anyway, back to "perils from the sea", i think my fave songs are:

    • "caroline"
    • "ceiling gazing"
    • "he always felt like dancing" (i LOVE the last melody "they'll always slow dance in her dreams"...)
    • "somehow the wonder of life prevails"

    things i kinda dislkike:

    • "you missed my heart", as most of you say, is quite disappointing compared to the devastating guitar version which suits way better the lyrics purpose. it sounds good but quite irrelevant, i'd say ?!
    • keyboard sounds are too similar here and there.
    • even if i'm perfectly aware that change is good i still believe i'd like it better if there was a bit more GUITAR. anyway, glad to hear some on "perils from the sea".

    last but not least, koz songwriting has changed a lot these last years, lyrically speaking. i like how it seems to be very natural to tell us stories, compared to the very first RHP lyrics which seem so "sculpted" like jewels, with the perfect word at the perfect place. now there's something like a natural flow, as if someone was just speaking to us. therefore, lyrics kinda look more "humble" or "human" as in previous RHP masterpieces. i like both styles and i'm glad it's always moving me a lot. glad that koz seems to agree with the devil in the details... well, don't know if this makes sense. i try my best with my poor english ^_^

    looking forward to hearing more from you all... !!!

    oh last but not least !! another live album ? wish we could get "perils from the sea II" with only strip bare acoustic guitar versions of the album with more strings arrangements here and there... why not ?...

    cheers from lausanne, switzerland. much love !


    ps: peter broderick rules.

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    Liking it so far, I feel it's going to be a real slow burner to suit any number of moods.

    You missed my heart sounds far too jolly though!

    Peter Broderick, wow... My favourite 3 musicians together.

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    Oh and here is a pic of what your $20 gets you, it is nicely done :0)

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    Just received my shipping confirmation (US). It's coming...

  • @nicktwisp same here (US). Excited to receive this, especially after all of the positive comments! Does anyone else think that there may be a new release timed to go into pre-order mode for May 7th? I'll be there? Perils Vinyl?

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    same here, stateside

  • Posting this here per @lettersinkanji I like it so far, I have to say. However, as I feared, there's such a missed opportunity with "You Missed My Heart". This treatment takes all of the beauty and drama out of the song. Koz's guitar playing on it was gorgeous. Jimmy, if you're reading this, don't getcha feelings hurt. The rest of the album sounds good! This track has just gone from show-stopper to Volkswagen commercial. Hopefully for Koz and Jimmy, VW will pick it up and they'll get paid!

  • @salvador_sanchez - my feelings not hurt at all bud... Its just funny that you all think his version came first.. His version on guitar is a cover of the record version.. He performed these songs early on his own not saying anything about our collab leading you all to think they were his songs to begin with.. Not the case.. All the music was written first, then he wrote his lyrics and did his vocals.. Out of my hands that he decided to play our songs, and release his version before our record even came out.. But hey, this is his forum for his fans.. You're all entitled to your own opinions, including thinking he played guitar on Caroline..

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    I'm cool with this "original" version of You Missed My Heart. Has a different vibe but I like it.

  • If you guys have any questions too, feel free to ask..

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    @TheAlbumLeaf - I was hoping you'd respond. Thanks for the clarification. As I said in my earlier message, I like the rest of it. Also, I have your records and bought this one - so I'm definitely on Team Leaf. Also worth noting that your "Torey's Distraction" soundtrack album is my 8 month old daughter's bath and bedtime music. There is a lot of love for you in my household. Also, love the last note about him not playing guitar on Caroline. I think there's a lot to be said for you and Koz exploring new musical territory. I don't think anyone else has managed to do that with him - maybe ever? So congrats on the new record. I'm sure it will do very well and like I said, my order has already been placed and I just got my shipment notification. Thanks, Jimmy!

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    @TheAlbumLeaf - did you guys work together on tracks or were both sides (music/lyrics) created in separate vacuums?

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    @TheAlbumLeaf: Thanks so much for responding to our posts. Your input is invaluable and incredibly enlightening and you don't have to do it so it goes without saying that we all appreciate it.

    It sounds like you had more material established going into this "collaboration" than Mark, if he had any. I know it's not a competition of "who does the most work" but is there any truth to that? And if so, are there any complicated feelings related to that from when the tour fell out, or when the band names changed, or when everyone here is posting "Acoustic Koz 'You Missed My Heart' RULEZ!"?

  • @salvador_sanchez - Thanks man! Thats all i wanted to do. Make a record that was both different for me, and different for him.. Sadly, i don't think it will do that well because we're not doing anything to promote it. That's awesome about your daughter.. I've got a baby boy coming in June..
    @zeejaydee - We did not work together at all.. I would write the music, send it to him, he would do his vocal and send it back.. i would then add more to the song if needed after i heard his vocal melodies... We worked together at his house during the mixing process and with the string arrangements for "wonder of life". And yes, that is the peter broderick.. He's amazing.. he did his tracking at his house in portland, then we filled in some extra parts we were hearing with players in SF. you should check out this vid of Peter Broderick if you've not seen it..

  • @nicktwisp - I'm always writing in my studio.. So i would write a song then send it to him.. The only song i had laying around that was "Here Come more Perils From the Sea" that was originally an Album Leaf demo for my last EP that didn't get realized so i sent it to him.. There was no competition of who's doing the most work.. He said in the very beginning that he didn't want to play anything on the record.. He only wanted to sing.. I had just bought a handful of hammond drum machines which inspired caroline and baby in death.. I decided I would only use 2 different synths with the music.. a Yamaha SK20, and a Casiotone 602. I wanted to stay away from Rhodes and Guitar.. but they found there way on there at times.. The complicated feeling's im having with "Missed my heart" and other misconceptions i can't get into.. We filmed a little doc for a making of that may or may not see the light of day.. its sad that we won't perform this record..

  • the drum machines were a hammond auto-vari 64 and a hammond auto rhythm. the latter is the drum machine on "he always felt like dancing".

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    @TheAlbumLeaf - having only listened to stream waiting for my copy to be delivered, hopefully Friday, I'm fascinated by the contrasts of your work and Mark's. I think it works in the coolest of ways. I'm hearing stuff from you that's new and also hearing Mark in a different way. and that's all good.

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    @thealbumleaf very cool to know all of this background information. I don't think Koz would engage in this kind of dialogue with his fans. Well, he would, but he'd probably ask us all if we had girlfriends and then make fun of us for buying his albums. Such is Koz.

  • Thanks guys.. I like having interaction... I try to respond to as much as possible.. I'm really proud of this record..

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    @TheAlbumLeaf: Wow. I wasn't familiar with Hammond drum machines until now and wow. Did they go out into an amp or to a direct box?

    I appreciate your candidness; I didn't mean to pry too much. It just seems to me that this project has been taken hostage almost and it seems like it's not benefiting everyone involved like everyone had hoped. It's really sucks to read that there are other elements of this project that won't come to light. I know for certain we all wish that a collaborative tour could have happened. It would have been insane.

    Again, thanks for all your work and patience. I can't wait to hear the whole thing.

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    @TheAlbumLeaf - going into this project, was it assumed that Mark would put it out through Caldo Verde or was there ever talk of shopping it around to other labels?

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    @TheAlbumLeaf: Were there any albums you guys talked about or listened to that may have influenced this project in some way?

  • @nicktwisp - Yes.. it is unfortunate that there will be no tour.. I was really looking forward to performing these songs.. i think that both of our fan bases would have appreciated us doing something different live.. There were no albums talked about that influenced anything.. He said he wanted to be surprised when we started.. In the beginning we only set out to make one song (which was brother)..
    @zeejaydee - I didn't assume to put it out on caldo verde. I'm sure Mark always assumed that.. It is being licensed in other territories by other labels.. I wanted to shop it around.

  • @TheAlbumLeaf love the album, and love your solo work too! Curious if there is any material left over from the sessions that was cut from the album for possibly a second album/vinyl bonus tracks/etc ? Or was it just these 11 songs?

  • @sangeronimo - Thank you! I had another idea that didn't come to light.. We talked about doing an EP, but i doubt there will be any more material.

  • thanks Jimmy! would love to hear that EP, but i understand if you guys want to leave it as just one album.

    btw, i guess I am in the minority, but I am definitely into this version of "You Missed My Heart." reminds me of Christmas.

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    It would be impossible for me not to love this album, as I was an Album Leaf fan before I was a Koz fan!!! It's just a perfect mix! Thanks jimmy for continuing to make inspiring music!!!

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    @Thealbumleaf I get the sense maybe the 2 of you had a falling out? Or a difficult time making big decisions? Tension?

    I wish this wasn't the case as it would yield much more for the fans and the world of quality music! So sad no tour!

    Maybe I'm way off but just get that vibe

  • @sdnelso - Thanks man! I won't get into it but.... I'm glad this record was made..

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    seems like there are some sounds of Jingle Bells in it

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