Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle: Perils From The Sea



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    Give those extra "Mao"'s away to friends.. maybe some who's never heard of him. Always nice to bring it to a dinner party of something. Some Koz and some wine? :P

    But yeah, it's crazy how fast that sold out. Luckily I spotted it in the afternoon here in India, so I jumped on it.

  • Pretty good idea: Some Koz and some wine? ;-)))

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    Well, Like Eric says, albums mostly used to come with the lyrics anyway so the thought of a lyric sheet coming as a 'limited edition extra' is somewhat silly. I have a friend I will give my extra Mao to (if I get one) but would rather have a different live CD!

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    Thunderbolt, you are absolutely right!
    By the way: is the "Among the Leaves" 2CD Limited Edition also that rare?

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    I'm not sure, I don't have it but I understand the bonus tracks are nothing outstanding.

  • I have both Versions, but on the 2nd disc offers only but a few live Versions of the ATL-Songs. I wonder how many limited copies of "Perils" are out there...

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    I've only seen the 2 CD version of ATL. Is the 1 CD version a fold out digipak as well?

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    Interesting to see the level of commitment to buying Mark's music that his fans have. For me it's all about the music. I don't feel like I HAVE to have everything Mark puts out for the sake of collecting. I don't collect vinyl and it must cost some of you a small fortune buying all the limited different colour records. That said, I get virtually everything released on CD, though I didn't bother buying some of the more readily-available things like the double CD Ghosts (I paid to download the extra songs though) or the double CD ATL. I like collecting his live CDs in particular, but even so, they're not shrink wrapped but opened, played and carefully stored. I did enjoy getting a signed double April CD though (#1061). Once I have one 'MK' signature, I don't really need another though..........

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    I also like to get everything released on CD, I do not collect Vinyl also and I collect the CDs of Mark because of his great Music, there is no doubt about that! Sometimes, there are some great Songs on the Limited Editions as well and I don`t buy CDs because of their rarity!
    And the Re-released double CD of Ghosts is very interesting for every fan!

  • yo !

    just ordered my copy and glad to see on the order/bill it's been mentioned it's a limited lyric book edition. so i guess it's actually not sold out yet... ?

    cheers !


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    ^ me too!

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    Same here @the_view_electrical. Everything seems fine and looks right. Says "LIMITED blah blah" and everything.

    Has the Caldo Verde pre-order store always been located at

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    Got mine, seems I was fretting all morning for nothing. Ahh, such a relief. Went out for coffee feeling all remorseful I wasn't up at 3am like I used to do, but got the order in all good. Will be weird having another Mao copy, probably just chuck it to my roommate as I did with my extra Copenhagen. Not that he listens to the duplicate CDs I ever give him, I just hope one day he'll be bored and sit down and listen to them and hopefully like them.

  • order in. thank lord. now i just need to wait for the ATL vinyl to come down from the 100-150 everyone wants on eBay so far.

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    For those who did not pre-order from his last batch of releases (Like Rats, Phoenix) and are expecting a copy of Mao with Perils, the site kind of contradicts itself. It says "We do guarantee a free copy of Mao (LIMITED AMOUNT AVAILABLE)."

    So in other words, they DON'T guarantee a free Mao CD. What is left of Mao is leftovers from his last batch of releases and there may be literally 50 of them left to ship out with Perils pre-orders.

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    Haha, didn't even notice. Doesn't matter to me! But, still, weird mistake.

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    Yeah, maybe he should have just kept the spare ones to sell at his merch tables or something

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    We are quite spoilt with free live CDs, aren't we.

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    Perils From The Sea (Vinyl) will be available in June.

    from Caldo Verde front page

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    Anyone have info on the lyric book? $20 for a cd is a lot for me! I don't normally buy CDs but if its a really nice book I'm down??

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    am I the only one who finds it frustrating that Mark tends to spread out the cd, vinyl, & digital releases of his albums?

    I'd love to see some type of bundle including limited edition vinyl pressings, cd's, digital downloads, dvd's, posters, lithographs, etc. like so many other artists release these days...

    I'd gladly be willing to pay quite a bit more for that type of combo release, as opposed to slowly accumulating each format of each release over spaced out expanses.

    with all that said (or rather, vented) are the PFTS cd preorders 'officially' sold out?

    since there going to be digital & vinyl releases, I may end up passing on the cd...

    but then again, the collector in me may take the upper hand here...


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    Golden Bear your not alone! It pisses me off that they don't all come out at once! Usually I am only interested in vinyl, but being a MK completist now, I seek out CDs but usually wait to find used copy!

    And what frustrated me was the lack of details On the lyric book!? Is is just a cheap cd insert with lyrics or an actual paperback or hard bound book!! I ordered hoping for the latter considering charging $4 to ship a cd media mail is double the actual cost!

    But putting out all formats at once would save them shipment volume as well as save the customer in shipping costs! Now ill have to pay $6 to ship the vinyl 3 months later! Stupid and annoyed!!

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    Yeah most artists I listen to the vinyl comes out the same day as the CD and sometimes I find records on the shelf at the local record shops before street date! But not Kozelek's... it's rare I can ever find anything here in town by him on record and when it comes to ordering from Caldo Verde I've had nothing but grief; everything sells off before I get online.. I mean excuse me for not always being on the internet and having a life haha.

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    How about one that has Mark's face appear and the voice of Eyore from Winnie the Pooh saying 'Sad Whiners,there is new stuff for sale on my website'.....Nurse I think the medication is wearing off again

  • I hope that the Lyric-Book is a little bit bigger than usual with more Information about the Songs!

  • gotta think it's a cash flow issue of some sorts for caldo verde. i have nothing more than a hunch, no real evidence, but every time one of these "delays" occurs, it screams of "pay us before we ship the inventory"

  • It's a monetary thing. It's spread out to spread cash flow for all parties involved. I wouldn't be surprised if Mark has something planned for the Fall already - which is fine with me.

  • just noticed the preorder link says "Listen to Track 6: Baby In Death Can I Rest Next To Your Grave" but on the tracklist on the side, that song is listed as Track 4

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    And on Among the Leaves Track Number 8 wasn't where it was supposed to be.It's numeric mind torture

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    I went onto Caldo Verde to order Perils From The Sea. They were charging 13 US dollars to ship to Ireland.
    I went onto, where the CD is 2 dollars cheaper and shipping is half the price.

    Up to now, I had ordered my MK stuff direct from Caldo Verde. I'm not bothered about a lyric booklet and I already have the Live at Mao CD from the Like Rats delivery. So I took my custom to amazon and saved myself 8 dollars.

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