You Be My Heart compilation

Koz on comp.

has this been mentioned here yet?


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    fritopie said:
    Koz on comp.

    has this been mentioned here yet?

    Pretty sure it must have been as I think that's where I found out about it

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    Pretty sure we talked about it.

    Here's a direct stream:



    I know I barely know you
    We've only said hello
    And this, some silent greeting
    I thought I saw you throw

    I know I'm rather quiet
    Whenever you're around
    I choke on all my words
    I hardly make a sound

    I know I must seem silly
    Just staring at my feet
    In some dim and dusty corner
    Where I'm swaying to the beat

    I know it's kinda crazy
    The way you make me feel
    Turning shades of grey to color
    You make the common so surreal

    Yes I know you barely know me
    So there's no way that you could tell
    That you were summoned from my dreams
    You're a wish called down a well

    And I know that you may doubt me
    When I say that you're the one
    I've been waiting all my life for
    And now it's only just begun

    But I know you might not want me
    All the ways I'm wanting you
    So I try to shut such thoughts out
    And I pray this isn't true

    Because I know that in your absence
    The hole that would remain
    Would swallow me completely
    How could you make me feel such pain?

    And I know I seem dramatic
    But you've really no idea
    Of how bleak it'd be without you
    Of how dark the night would seem

    Yes I know there's nothing colder
    Than somewhere without your fire
    And without the breath you bring me
    I would hastily expire

    And yet the hearth I thought your heart was
    I mustn't on its warmth depend
    And the air that I've been breathing
    I shouldn't think I'll ne'er expend

    Because I know this song I'm singing
    Doesn't mean a goddamn thing
    For if you love me then you love me
    And if you don't, you don't - the end

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    Listened to it at the time but quickly forgot about it. I like it; it could easily be a part of 'Like Rats'.

    Not sure I've heard of any of the other artists that have contributed to this album though - apart from Marissa Nadler.

  • Is that an original song because its a really good song.

  • according to the copywrite info, all songs are by Devon Reed, an SF-based filmmaker. It's actually a really nice comp.!

  • Ahhhh well I really dig all the songs on it. Nice comp.

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