Mark Kozelek On Tour: A Documentary - The Soundtrack

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Who pre-ordered?

1. Sam Wong Hotel (from Sun Kil Moon - Admiral Fell Promises)
2. Alesund (from Sun Kil Moon - Admiral Fell Promises')
3. Void - Live in Sweden 
4. Bologna Piece
5. Katy Song - Live in Italy 
6. Koko (from Desertshore - Drifting Her Majesty)
7. Half Moon Bay - Live in Switzerland
8. Ålesund - Live in Belgium 
9. Australian Winter - Live in France 
10. Logrono Piece
11. Tonight In Bilbao (from Mark Kozelek -Lost Verses Live)
12. Lucky Man - Hotel Performance 
13. Seville Piece
14. Trailways - Live In Spain 
15. Four Fingered Fisherman (from Mark Kozelek -Little Drummer Boy Live)

Disc 2
1. Like The River - Live In Spain
2. Lost Verses (from Mark Kozelek -Lost Verses Live)
3. Australian Winter - Airport Scene
4. Vigo Piece (listen)
5. Blue Orchids - Live In Spain 
6. Third And Seneca - Copenhagen Hotel Performance
7. Carry Me Ohio (from Mark Kozelek - Lost Verses Live)
8. You Are My Sun ( from Sun Kil Moon - Admiral Fell Promises)
9. First Unitarian Piece
10. Backstage Unitarian Piece
11. Natural Light - Live In USA 
12. Moorestown - Live In USA 
13. Heron Blue - Live In Canada 
14. Sintra Hotel Performance

Bonus Tracks:

15. Take Me Out (Live In Italy)
16. Cruiser (Live in USA)
17. Mistress (Live in USA)
18. Things Mean A Lot (Live in France)


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    Oh I pre-ordered alright.  But then I'd probably pre-order Mark's empty beer bottles if I could.
  • I did. Do we know yet if its edited versions or full songs? That would be weak if it was edits. Bonus tracks sound good as does the Copenhagen disc.
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    Yup I preordered. Glad that the 'pieces' are included, some very nice little compositions amongst the regular songs.
  • I did!

    Katy Song and Take Me Out live in Italy are the reasons why I did...I was there that night and he played in such an intense way
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    Received an email a few days ago that mine had been dispatched. Woo hoo!

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    Mine too

  • Anyone in the UK got the shipping email yet? Can't wait for the discs to arrive

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    I'm in Ireland and got the email last Tuesday.

  • Yes! Mine's on the way.......

  • ordered mine on Saturday.

    the Live in Copenhagen accompaniment is a plus too, being that I don't yet have a copy.

    lookin' forward to it!

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    Mine arrived in the post today!

  • @klaher, looks like you are the first on here to get it. Let us know what you think. Are the soundtrack songs full or edits? How is Copenhagen - looks like a great set.

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    @G0LDEN_BEAR Live in Copenhagen is brand new with the release of this soundtrack, so no one has it yet. ;)

  • ah, good to know!

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    I've just listened to both CDs of the On Tour soundtrack. How you feel about this will depend on how you feel about the Admiral Fell Promises material. I love hat album. Most of the material is Mark in sombre, classical guitar mode. The inclusion of a couple of the studio versions of the AFP material is a little superfluous, though obviously they were used in the film. The songs are pretty much all full versions, not edits. The interludes are interesting, the Unitarian pieces providing the basis for some of the Among the Leaves material. Personally, I really enjoy the hotel room songs, performances of real intimacy. He throws in 4 Red House Painters tracks at the end, including an acappella Things Mean A Lot.

    If the DVD didn't grab you, or you find the recent live albums dull, don't bother with this. For the rest of us, Mark is spoiling us this year with all these releases. I'll give Copenhagen a go next.

  • fantastic, very much looking forward to this!

  • ...and mine arrived today, with Copenhagen Live. Looking forward to getting home and steaming into them.

  • My copy showed up today as well......I am looking forward to having a listen.

  • Mine are here!

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    I live in Ireland and got the same email as klaher but nothing in the post so far.By the way klaher your not from klaher-head are u?Only asking coz im originally from Drogheda.

  • so......soundtrack. got to feel like MK is having a bit of a laugh when you put in disc one and it contains both the AFP and live versions if Alesund as track 2 and track 8. really?

    The bonus tracks are great.......album is good too. just feel like maybe the joke is on us a bit here? Time will tell if he releases this on vinyl with perhaps an alt version of Alesund? again, love the track....just not sure that i've ever purchased an album that had the same song twice on the same record?

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    I have to say, I too, was not overly enamoured with the inclusion of any of the album versions of songs on this album. Makes you wonder what Koz is playing at sometimes.

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    No @mrhanky not from klaher or Clogherhead, from Dublin. Hopefully you get your CDs soon

  • @admiralfell - you've never bought 'Rollercoaster' by a band called Red House Painters then?!

  • I agree though about the album versions appearing. I mean, on the DVD hearing them over some of the road travelling videos inbetween the live songs worked well, BUT it seems pointless on the audio soundtrack to include them. Maybe the joke IS on us here, there are some of us (myself included) who will buy virtually anything with Mark's name on it, no doubt Mark knows this too. To be honest, I bought it on the basis of the extra tracks and the Copenhagen disc as I love his live releases. I might not have bothered otherwise

  • @thunderbolt - touché. Though I guess the rollercoaster versions were at least measurably different? And not part of a cd sold to the public just a short time ago? Alas, not whining, just calling it as I see it.

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    sorry for the offtop, but I wonder whether there's at least one live version of Sam Wong Hotel? I've never come across it anywhere

  • received my copy over the weekend.

    just about finished with my first listen-thru of disc 1 of the soundtrack.

    the forementioned repetitiveness is a bit trite, but fortunately I really enjoy those particular tunes, so it's easy to enjoy, again...

    haven't made my way to the Copenhagen disc yet, soon enough...

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    Yeah my cds arrived yesterday Klaher. The inclusion of Randolphs Tango on cd was a nice bonus and i never knew Philo's middle name before.Wonder if anyone requested something from Down Colourful Hill on the current tour if he might oblige,with it being 20 years n all?Always hoped to hear Uncle Joe live someday as it was the first track by RHPs ever heard from the Volume 5 fish on cover compilation,the first fix of the addiction koz-mology

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