Underappreciated Albums 2000-2014

Perils got some love on Drowned in Sound's Underappreciated Albums '00-'14 staff picks:



  • They are dead on re: that Death Cab for Cutie album. Everyone seemed to hate it, but I thought it was great.

  • indeed, stellar Death Cab record!

    it's a shame Chris left the band, I can't imagine any legit Death Cab lineup without him.

    way excited for their upcoming release.

  • I'm a DCFC hack from way back and that's still the ONE album I've never heard. I don't know why. Eventually I will get into it.

    Paper Television by The Blow is super super super underrated. That album is the shit.

  • speaking of DCFC, vinyl reissues of their Barsuk era LP's will be released in November. pretty pumped for that!

  • Not on the list, but some of my favorite records that are fairly recent and could be considered underrated would be the Heirlooms of August and Hiss Golden Messenger records.

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    South - From Here On In (2001)

    I'm a big UNKLE fan, and James Lavelle produced the album and it came out on MoWax Records, so I had to check it out.

    So good. They also co-headlined a tour with Elbow when their first album dropped as well - amazing shows.

  • @pushdraw yes, Herilooms Of August are waaaaaaaay too underrated. They're so good, on both albums it hurts.

  • agreed.

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