I guess we have John Denver to thank for all of Mark's music

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I made this connection a couple weeks ago while reading through Nights of Passed Over.

Lyrics to Truck Driver:
I was probably 5 at their home in Navarre
my cousin's friend was in the yard playin' guitar
we all gathered round listened to her play and sing
and I fell into a trance and knew that I one day I'd do the same thing.

Nights of Passed Over:
"Golden is a tribute to John Denver, and was written during a power outage in a Mendocino recording studio shortly after he died in a 1997 airplane accident. Growing up, I never listened to his music more or less than my other favorite songwriters. But he is a unique influence, as I started taking guitar lessons after watching a girl strum an acoustic guitar through one of his songs on a relative's lawn. I was probably nine or ten.

Though he says a different age, do you think this could be about the same instance? I'm fairly certain.


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    Well seeing as he organized that tribute album it is likely.

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    @KozFan @torch Yes very likely indeed.Always was a big fan of that compilation and like some of the others it introduced me to artists I may otherwise never have been aware of like Hannah Marcus and The Innocence Mission
    Always had a soft spot as a kid for Annie's Song & Leaving on a Jet Plane

  • @torch That's a great little link up! One of the nice things about Koz's autobiographical style, you can make connections between songs and it all builds up into a bigger picture.

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