Hillbilly t-shirt is available for pre-order

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At Caldo. T-shirt. Ships September 23rd. Hopefully in black.




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    What's a hillbilly's favorite vegetable?

    Pump kin.

  • It isn't available in hillbilly sizes XL and XXL, so that doesn't make any sense.

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    Wow, i thought you were just kidding. This is pretty hilarious. I am an XL, but gonna buy this in L and lose some weight just so I can wear this :)

  • wow. I think that's a pretty good idea. Being the Koz fanboy that I am I feel the strong desire to buy one but I would like to know what I'm buying. Is it just the quote printed on some black t-shirt or does it have some kind of artwork like Mark's wobble neck from the side...???

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    Not too many places one could wear that.

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    HaHa, I will wear it EVERYWHERE. Ordered.

  • well, here you go everyone who's been desperate for new merch

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    Aaagh, no XL. I guess I'm not hillbilly enough. :(

    Might just get a Large and lose some weight with mogambo. I've been meaning to drop a few pounds anyway.

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    @drop I did email CV to ask if they had any XL as well, doubt they do, but still thought i'd ask. In any case, i'm overdue for a bit of weight loss. Good on ol' Koz to give me that motivational push so that I can wear an offensive T shirt. It's a win win situation!

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    Looks like Koz couldn't wear his own shirt then.

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    This is hilarious..I genuinely thought this was a piss-take. Mark Kozelek loses sight of his member but finds his sense of humour. Just the text is enough I reckon

  • AH HA HA HA! An absolute masterstroke from Mark! I'll also need to shed a couple of stone to carry off a Large shirt. I feel a weightloss thread coming on - come on folks, we can do it, a pound at a time, we must get into these shirts !

  • I wonder how limited these are? He might only have printed 50 of each size! Maybe they should be numbered too!

  • there's a photo now. the shut the fuck up part is written in big letters, the rest is small. just text. still undecided...^^

  • Ordered......god help me....I still don't know why I bought it. It'd be awesome to frame it and stick it up on a wall.

  • Better buy one now. Before they sell out and are going for $100+ on eBay. And btw, do these come with a new solo live album also?

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    XL is available.

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    He's lurking here!

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    GuyInTennisShoes said:
    Better buy one now. Before they sell out and are going for $100+ on eBay. And btw, do these come with a new solo live album also?

    Yup the t-shirts come with the live album.

    KozFan said:
    He's lurking here!

    Might've been the Pitchfork and Stereogum articles. :)

    But yeah.. about 10 years ago he was playing in LA (I was at the show), and he started to tell a story. He then stopped and said.. "oh wait. I probably shouldn't tell this story or else it will end up on sadwhiners.com tomorrow."


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    I meant adding XL.

  • One Extra Large 'ALL YOU FUCKIN' HILLBILLIES SHUT THE FUCK UP' t-shirt ordered. Just need him to come to Northern UK so I can wear it to his gig

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    I still can hardly believe Mark has put out these shirts. Absolutely hilarious! We wait ages for clothes merch and then he puts out a shirt festooned with the f-bomb based on a pissed-off interaction with a rowdy festival crowd. He's probably testing the theory that the Sad Whiners really WILL buy anything he sells on Caldo Verde.

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    I would like an April cover on a black tee.

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    1 x small ordered - skinny sad whiner dude with no girlfriend stylee (actually that's partly a lie, I am married).

  • speaking of hilarious band t-shirts, I just ordered this one over the weekend:


  • my shirt arrived today and looks great :-)

  • Mine too!

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    I had a thought - are we going to start another thread of photos of us Sad Whiner Hillbillies wearing said t-shirts in weird and wonderful locations?

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    With or without pants?

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    Let's see those pics..

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