St James's church, London

Off to see MK again on 28th August and cannot wait. Memories of the Union Chapel gig last year still gives me goosebumps! Beautiful music filled church whilst candles flickered and a storm raged outside... it was magical.

Hoping for another wonderful evening.. but maybe better weather this time!

Who else is going?


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    the beauty of a year gap between koz gigs these days is the fact that he has more than likely released an album or 3 since last you saw him - in this case: Benji! you are so lucky :-)

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    Probably due for new songs by now.

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    I'll be there. If there's one thing better than Koz on record it's hearing him play live - goosebumps at the ready!

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    Reverb and a church's acoustics should be cool.

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    Sadly won't be going as i will be at the End of the Road Festival by then - where one of the main draws for me was Koz who has since cancelled! Really disappointed to have a double miss on my hands.

  • Aaand he's cancelled :( I was worried this mighty happen after he cancelled End of the Road fest. Getting a refund for the gig ticket but have lost out on £58 for the advance train ticket I bought to get me there....

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    That sucks. Why not take the trip and do something else so you don't waste the ticket?

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    Oof quite glad I didn't book my flights and hotel for this now!

  • Yes that's a good idea, I think I will do that - I have the day off anyway so I'll see if there are any exhibitions on!

  • My friend and I in the same boat with train tickets. Gutted but there will be other opportunities I'm sure...

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    What gets me is that there is never an announcement as to why, or even a small apology for p***ing fans off? No?

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    Because he's a selfish inconsiderate tosser...but hey we still love him

  • I got burned twice - I bought tickets for End of the Road and then when that got dropped i bought tickets for St James Church. Saw Sun Kil Moon at Green Man though and the band were walking around the festival after their set - i acted like only a casual fan, spoke to him briefly and he was really cool to me so all is forgiven. Didn't want to creep him out by saying he was the whole reason me and my friends were there! Would have loved to have seen another solo show though. Shame.

  • Does he just accept these bookings on a whim? He salivates over the 6,000 dollars he's going to get. Then when it gets closer to the date he decides he'd rather have a bath, and just cancels.

  • Yeah some form of an official announcement/apology (probably stretching it) wouldn't go amiss, but doubtless won't be forthcoming

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