Mark Kozelek song credit in "The Fault Of Our Stars"

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Work at a movie theater and in the end credits I saw Mark Kozelek got a song credit in this movie for alesund which I thought was pretty cool.


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    Really?? Do you remember where in the movie? I'll get a kick out of this

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    whatever happened to that josh boone movie mark was supposed to score?...but would be nice to see how alesund is used there. the song is not on the soundtrack album thought. and unfortunately the film's not shown or..."available otherwise" in germany right now.

    Edit: Looking at IMDB right now and Mark is set to feature as an actor in an italian movie called La giovinezza...what?!

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    Yeah, looks like "Alesund" is in there somewhere:

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    It's maybe 7 seconds or less of an instrumental section of the song. It's Plays when they are having dinner at a fancy restaurant In Amsterdam. It's barley noticeable you would have to be a true fan and listen ever so closely but then again if i never saw the song credit in the credits I barley think I would have even realized it was there

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    Please don't laugh(!) but at what point in Vanilla Sky is Have you forgotten heard? I've watched the movie at least 4 times and am none the wiser.

  • I would bet he got paid a surprising amount of money for that.

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    @RedCarpet, Have You Forgotten is faintly playing in the background on the alarm clock radio near the first act of Vanilla Sky... if I remember correctly.

    took me forever to notice it.

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    @GOLDEN_BEAR - Cheers. I'll just have to watch it again then, and pay attention to the alarm clock!

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    Have you forgotten the scene lol?

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    i love you @kozfan lol

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    lament confirmed drunk

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    It's just a bromance.

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    you're right i'm just jealous

  • @RedCarpet It's in the scene after Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz's characters wake up and Tom is telling her goodbye while she is in the kitchen, you can hear the alternate version of it playing in the background.

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    @kylephelps Thanks. I'll pay extra attention to that scene then.

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