Recordings of current tour?

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Does anyone know of anywhere I could find some bootlegs from this current Sun Kil Moon tour (with the drums, guitar and keys?). Saw their set at Forecastle, was blown away, especially the version of "By the Time I Awoke". Thanks guys

P.S. I actually recorded video of a few of the songs with my phone, front row directly in front of Mark, my user name is penexpers213, or just search "sun kil moon forecastle" :)


  • They were threatening to punt people from the venue without a warning if they caught you recording at Sixth & I, so I didn't want to risk it. Which is unfortunate, because I had my stuff.

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    Jesus cleared the peddlers from the temple and Koz clears the bootleggers.

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    You could try signing up on Dime a Dozen. They have tons of live recordings there, I got the Copenhagen show from there. It's really good, decent recording but you need to crank it. Interesting that he plays almost all of Benji in album order. Really like the band sound, i;ve only ever seen him solo. Unfortunately i'm missing multiple gigs this tour only by a few days here and there.

    Another good place to look for live show recordings is I recently downloaded some Retribution Gospel Choir shows from 2005 when MK was playing with them, and they do a few RHP and SKM songs. The version of Make Like Paper on the show I got RIPS like nothing i've ever heard. They close out with Duk Koo Kim.

    I can share an mp3 version of the Copenhagen show if anyone wants it, but it will have to be next week once i'm back home as I am still on the road.

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    A little bird told me about this..

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    @mogambo would you be so kind as to share a link for that RGC show? I believe I only have Albuquerque from that show

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    Nevermind, Koz apparently was sick for that particular gig.

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    lament said:
    A little bird told me about this..

    That same bird told me about the whole show..!dI8CiQoI!AnuE379KBKV6HLzNOZ5FH1UobY1LrDDfpnxO88ttt0M

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    Thanks a lot, lament!

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    That bird's got some connections.

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