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I just got the WREK show from 1988, and even though the singing is suspect as expected from a young guy still trying to figure it out, Some of these songs have major bring-back potential, especially the song Surrounded, which blew me away. I really think that alot of the early RHP songs and even some of these from God Forbid could be rereleased by MK in an acoustic album that would get tons of love from fans.

Thanks to MrDoots for the radio show in 1988: http://www.mediafire.com/?iz1z35z5m8azhx9


  • In fact I just uploaded one of the songs onto youtube

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    Well, just when he seems to start caring about his fans, you've decided to upload that stuff on youtube... Perfect timing, man! :D

  • @Nick Hey man it's just to show people a rare song and to promote his music...

  • The vocals in this are unlike anything I've heard from Koz. Holy moly. Thanks for uploading this!

    As far as old songs go, I really like "The Bridge" from that demos album.

  • @ZoomBackCamera Yeah also "Headsore" is a song from that collection that has a lot of potential...
    That whole show is full of that singing and it really comes as a surprise every time I listen to it because of how weird is it

  • I don't know if you do any kind of art, but if so, would you want the stuff you did in your late teens posted all over the internet? Some bands and their management use DMCA notices for stuff like this, and even though I'm no fan of the DMCA, I don't entirely blame them.

  • Yeah I do, but I am in that stage right now so I really dont have an idea of what that would feel like...I'm sure that song is new to most casual MK fans so I think i'll leave it up

  • Sounds like he's trying to sing like Ian Curtis.

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    @tommysoul - I'd say Steven Patrick Morrissey.

    Now I can see why he hates the Intertubes...

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    Fat Bob meets Moz meets Curtis...

    Leave it up if you want to, it's your call so far, but I agree with those who said he probably wouldn't have wanted this to resurface.

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