Recordings of Songs Not Featured on the Live Releases

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Hi. I'm looking to find recordings of songs that Mark has performed live and solo that haven't made their way onto the released live cds. These can be songs from RHP, SKM, solo or cover songs. I'm a big fan of Mark's live performances and the live cd releases. When I and came across live acoustic versions of Michael, I'm Sorry and the The Green Manalishi on YouTube I was blown away by the sound quality and wondered if there were anymore out there. Can anybody help?

If anybody has lots of live performances that they can burn to dvd and send (I live in the UK) that I can syphon through I can reimburse through Paypal for your time and postage.


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    I'm Sorry is not a live performance, it's on the Tribute to John Denver CD (unless I'm mistaken).

    I'm MPing you.

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