11/06/12 @ Button Factory, Dublin, Ireland (Mark solo)

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Please post your reviews and setlist of the show here.


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    Okay there wasnt enough light at the venue to write down the exact setlist in order but I think that this is possibly the most enjoyable show of Marks I've attended and I reckon this was number 12 or so.
    Never seen him so relaxed and have such good enjoyable banter with the crowd.

    The set lasted 2 hours 15 mins and I really enjoyed the new songs (Ceiling Gazing,Missed My Heart, Bon Scott's Grave, Family song which mentions his sister and finally lets call it his "latest squeeze" song Caroline) and the couple of covers from Like Rats.

    A request for Have You Forgotten was fulfilled and we also got Mistress and Glen Tipton specifically for Steve who replaced the bag on the front row chair. (a running gag for the night). There was a nice touch where he mentioned how after 20 years he appreciated still having an audience and if anyone wants to send the money his way he's more than happy to bring a band on tour.

    The venue was nicely done with tables and seating (not the norm at all) and from doors opening at 7.30 and Mark not coming on stage until 8.45 there didn't seem to be anyone too bothered about the wait.
    It's worth saying again that the new songs are really really brilliant and it was almost as if Mark would have continued playing all night (he did get a laugh when he said that he had an important gig ahead and that tonight was just a warm up for the real deal tomorrow night)

    A pal of mine,who'd never seen Mark before, couldn't understand what I was talking about when I warned him that Mark can be volatile and a grumpy sod on occasion

    If tonight is an indication of how the rest of the tour is gonna be then catch him where you can.

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    Cheers for the review @MrHanky.

    I wonder if @doggie_diner went..

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    I saw a few people who looked a bit "Ruff" so he may have been one of them

  • nice, I'm jealous!

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    1. I Know It's Pathetic But That Was The Greatest Night Of My Life
    2. Sunshine in Chicago
    3. Elaine
    4. You Missed My Heart (new song)
    5. Green Hell (Misfits cover)
    6. Bon Scott's Grave (new song)
    7. Glenn Tipton
    8. Heron Blue
    9. The Moderately Talented Young Woman...
    10. Family song (new song)
    11. Track Number 8
    12. Have You Forgotten ?
    13. I Killed Mommy (Dayglo Abortions cover)
    14. That Bird has a Broken Wing
    15. Caroline (new song)
    16. Australian Winter
    17. Among The Leaves
    18. Black Kite
    19. Half Moon Bay
    20. Mistress
    21. Church Of The Pines
    22. UK Blues

    circa 2hr10min

    Toilet/Restroom break after 12. (couldn't get that comment to format correctly above)

  • Thank you BlueKoyote. I was at this gig and I thought it was the best performance I have seen from Mark solo. His voice was great, his guitar playing just gets better and better and his mood was great. Of course he moaned about not having enough females in the audience and lashed this guy for reserving a front row seat for his friend (who never showed) with a back pack but I think we now expect this kind of behaviour from him and would probably be disappointed if he was friendly and nice all night. Funny moment when he heard a female voice call out and said 'Yes, a female voice, what do you want to hear female?' When her reply came 'A sad song', his face was priceless. We were already an hour an a half in to a show of almost all sad songs! Maybe she came late...

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    When her reply came 'A sad song', his face was priceless

    Maybe she meant Oasis.. this would be a nice cover.

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    Remember too when the guy Steve said he'd be happy to sit at the front and mark re-mark-ed 'its a shame u dont have a vagina'.He mentioned the encounter with the drunk irish girl who took a pee in the closet thinking it was a toilet.'you guys drink too much'...hey no shit sherlock.when he mentioned half way thru that he needed 2 pee but it might break the momentum and some smartass shouted 'what momentum'.i was the one who suggested he use the closet behind him.this show was streets ahead of the one in kilkenny last year.

  • Thanks for posting the set list, I always like to attached them to my gig tickets.
    Really top gig, good atmosphere, loved the gags he was cracking about the Dublin gig being a warm up for the London show tonight :-)

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