Bridge Vinyl

"Hi, my name is Chase, & I'm a vinylholic..."

just purchased the Bridge vinyl off eBay from a seller in Germany (globalthinking)...

is that anyone here, by chance?

I'm gonna go so broke collecting Koz vinyl.



  • Nice find. I just picked up the Rollercoaster vinyl and have been looking for Bridge.

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    Hey Chase,all vinylholics should be automatic fans of Steve Albini's band Shellac and have a copy of the 80's classic by Dead or Alive with the line "You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby"
    Out of interest what was the cost of The Bridge vinyl you got?

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    MrHanky ! You can't mention this song and not link the video !
    There might be people out there who haven't had the chance to watch... This thing.

  • hah, mind blown.

    Albini is the man.

    as for the cost, it was a bit more than I wanted to shell out...

    but since the Koz, nor 4AD, will likely ever reissue the first few RHP albums, I figured it's worth the extra coin to get ahold of a copy sooner than later.

    with shipping to the States, cost me just under $160 ( €113).

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    shoulda went to discogs first

  • awesome!

    I had no idea you could sell through Discogs?!

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    Albini and I were in the same lit class in undergrad. I could see over his shoulder as he doodled veiny phalluses all over his notebook and showed them to his girlfriend (no laptops back then).

  • A couple of weeks ago, I picked up the double lp of "Ghosts of the Great Highway" on eBay for $100, which I thought was a decent price. I lost the auction but the seller contacted me because the original buyer never responded to any messages. It was my lucky day.

  • nice!

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    Just listened to the original (GOTGH) released by Jetset with the unorthdox fold-out. Got it when I was at Insound. Great stuff.

  • yeah, that foldout always trips me up a bit!

  • @greatdivide The Jetset version is the only vinyl version, right? Or did they do multiple pressings?

  • @salvador_sanchez

    idk, Knowing Mark I just assumed there were 5 other editions

  • @greatdivide Mine's a jetset edition. I think that's the only one.

  • @salvador_sanchez
    rereleased by Caldo Verde in '07 iirc.

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    Are you talking about the vinyl version of GOTGH? Vinyl Films/Jetset released it (both the White Marbled and the Black edition).

  • @AaronHenry shonuff!

    I have the black vinyl Jetset version. I must've been asleep when Caldo Verde reissued it. Koz must be waiting until his bank account gets low to issue another pressing.

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    Hello everyone, new member here but a long time fan. What do you make of the Bridge lp that's currently on the German ebay? It's listed as cover vg++ vinyl ex-. Problem is I'm seeing a big scratch, most likely on Blindfold, when I zoom in. I'm thinking it's quite an ugly scratch, so at 111 euros isn't exactly worth it. What do you think gents? I've heard the Bridge lp is the hardest to come by, is it so?

    I've just spend 168 euros(inc p&p) on the Rollercoaster lp. Haven't received it yet, but supposedly it's in mint condition, and if it's really in that condition, then I can justify what I paid for it.

    link for bridge lp -ücher_Unterhaltung_Music_CDs&hash=item20e6ca17b0

    edit - I'm thinking I should leave it. Scratch looks a deep one. Thoughts please?

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    ask the seller - it has 100% positive feedback, I guess it wouldn't tell you anything too far from the truth

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    @RedCarpet - yeah, it's hard to tell from the picture. could just be a hair or something along those lines...

    I got my Bridge LP from Germany earlier this year, too. had a skip to two initially, but after a solid cleaning/static brushing, it plays like new now.

    good luck!

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    Nick - I'll contact the seller and see if we can understand each other - I don't know German but hopefully he understands English.

    Golden Bear - Yes, cleaning a record works wonders sometimes, but if that is really a scratch, I don't think any type of cleaning will make a difference! But yes, cleaning vinyl is essential especially for grime and dirt. Great to hear you managed to find a copy for your collection. How long did it took you to track one down?

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    I snagged that Bridge LP a couple years ago.

    I'd been browsing on & off throughout the years, & finally decided to make a go for it.

    the only other LP I need now to complete my RHP collection is Down Colorful Hill, which is also pretty tough to find, not to mention a tad pricey!

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    Be careful of eBay sellers though - i purchased what was supposedly a NM copy of Ocean Beach only to find out that the back side of the inner sleeves (not pictured) was covered in wine stains and water damage. The stains had spilled onto the records as well. I was horrified when I got it. But after a clean on my RCM it played EX-/VG+ so I can live with it. Would have preferred a clean copy for the amount I paid, but I managed to get a partial refund.

    So yeah, eBay can be great (like when I managed to score an actual NM copy of Rollercoaster for 25 pounds), but there are also horror stories. Unless it's sealed, it's a bit of a gamble really.

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    I've decided not to go for it. I'm a bit short on cash, but more importantly I just have a bad feeling about this lp, and if there's something I've learned after years of collecting vinyl, it's to trust your instinct.

    @mogambo - You're right, ebay is a bit of a gamble. That's why I'd rather buy vinyl from a site like Discogs, the absolute majority of sellers know their stuff and don't over grade records. Pricier sure, but you know what you're getting in for. You just gave the perfect example, a record graded as NM and yet had water/wine damage. You were happy to accept a partial refund, but personally, if I receive a record like that, I'd send it back and demand a full refund.

    Thanks for your thoughts everyone.

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    Managed to score both Rollercoaster and Bridge on eBay for $260 total. Which is astounding to me. I've never seen Rollercoaster fall below $350.

    The seller who put those up also put up ATL, Ocean Beach, Ghosts on marbled white, Old Ramon, Live at Union Chapel on clear, SFABG on blue, and If You Want Blood. The prices are pretty good too, so if you want any of these, act quick.

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    I bought Ghosts on marbled white.

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    Yeah I bought Ocean Beach off the guy. Already have a copy but wanted a better copy, as it's my fav RHP lp, but I've played my copy so much that I can't hear anything but pops and crackles!

    By the way, received my supposedly mint copy of Rollercoaster today but haven't had time to play it all the way through. So far I've listened only to side 1 and I've already heard a couple of clicks especially at the start of Grace C P. Hope the 3 other sides are decent or I'll send it back. In my book, mint means mint. Honestly, don't really see why people over grade vinyl, they are risking neg feedback and the extra expenses of refunding/postage.

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    I happened to luck out with all 3 of my RHP ebay purchases (Rollercoaster, Bridge, & Ocean Beach).

    there's a slight skip towards the end of Funhouse, though I've yet to thoroughly hand clean that LP, which may resolve the issue as it's a minor skip.

    I'm still amazed at the playback quality, even after 20 "years of age and hard play".

    ironically, I'd say my copy of SFABG sounds the worst quality wise, even though it's technically the newest RHP vinyl release?!

    though I'm not sure of what source the lacquers were cut from, which could explain a lot of it.

    just for curiosity's sake, does anyone else's SFABG vinyl seem unusually grainy/poppy regarding the playback?

    I've been meaning to bring this up for awhile now, but keep forgetting...

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    Mine pops during Have You Forgotten, but otherwise sounds OK.

    SFABG was pressed by Plain Recordings, whose records are generally regarded as being poor quality. They generally just toss CD masters onto vinyl. Their pressings of Low and Elliott Smith sound good, but they've put out some real shitters. Their reissue of Loveless was poorly received, even by Kevin Shields himself. And then there's the Mr. Bungle pressings where they shoved 70 minutes of music onto one LP.

    Overall not a good company. But SFABG is one of their better pressings.

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