*NO JOKE!* New Sun Kil Moon album: This Is My Dinner Caldo Verde Records November 1, 2018.



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    Would anyone who's had a copy that's arrived be up for sharing it digitally? Really interested to hear the studio versions of some of these songs

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    I think the first comment in the thread says free download available on November 1.

  • Just listened to it the first time through. Doesn't quite get me like the self-titled Koz album from earlier this year. Too much diary entry for my taste. What I liked about the Mark Kozelek album were songs like Weed Whacker and 666 Post which pointed in a new direction lyrically. The music sounds nice though. Gonna give it a few more listens to write a better review later but right now I'm seriously not impressed.

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    Except "the songs are hit and miss but it doesn’t really matter." Oh but it kind of does. I really hope there are more hits than misses.

    To those lucky enough to have early copies, it sounds a bit like this might have a similar sound to last year's MK with BB and JW, which I loved. Is that right? People are saying jazzy and mellow so I'm hoping for some songs like February Rain and Robin Williams Tunnel

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    For me it's different to all of the other albums. It's very spontaneous and lots of the songs were written and played in one day, with very minimal changes made in the studio versions. A little jazzy, a little improv, a little psychedelic, and very very personal

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    Thanks Victor. Hmmm.

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    The title track for me is the standout at this stage. It’s in a similar vein to February Rain albeit not quite as dark. Liking the whole album overall though, and yes I agree that the MK self titled album is probably stronger although this one could grow....

    On that title track - Mark recounting getting back home from Norway to tend to his poor old cat had me welling up to be honest.

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    yes JRS I saw that live in London and I was welling up at the cat part too! It's the bit about writing in his journal "please don't die yet" (or something like that?).

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    The interview is up now - http://sunkilmoon.com/interview_Mark_Kozelek_Aidan_Gillen_2018.html
    Wow, quite some reading right there! Good accompaniment to the album though actually.

  • So, whatever happened to the free download?

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    Hey the whole album is on Spotify right now - I thought it wasn't out until next week?

    Edit: and it's on Tidal too

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    Also on iTunes....

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    I'm going to save this until March 2019 when the next one's out, then splice the best of the two albums together to get hopefully an hour of amazingness.

  • My thoughts on first listen:

    'This Is Not Possible'
    Good opener, nice and jazzy with a funny lyrical refrain. Sounds pretty much the same as the version from Berlin on YouTube.

    'This Is My Dinner'
    Stunning track, completely lives up to the promise of the live version from Norway. Really really beautiful.

    'Linda Blair'
    I've been listening to this loads since it went online, and I love it. The guitar work is amazing, love the lyrics and themes based around defeat and redemption.

    Another nice track, travel-related, first one I haven't heard before. Like it.

    Beautiful piano here, really like this a lot. Never heard this one before either.

    'David Cassidy'
    This is great, brief by the Koz's recent standards! Love the segue into...

    'Come On Get Happy'
    This inclusion works better than I thought as an extension of the train of thought from the previous song. It's fun.

    'Rock n Roll Singer'
    Fuck, Mark can hold a note for a long time. A nice rendering of the tune with a lot of energy.

    'Soap For Joyful Hands'
    Starts quite pedestrian but comes together really nicely towards the end.

    'Chapter 87 of He'
    Was getting sort of bored by this one, then WOW. At around four minutes in we get a blast of fuckin free jazz or some shit. Wasn't expecting that. Could still probably do without this one.

    Overall, loving it though. These are travelling songs, and very personal songs. Looking forward to listening more and the songs unfolding, as Mark's music often does.

    Thanks Mark for another brilliant album. What a time to be a fan of the Koz!

  • Agree with Jrs about the title track being the stand out. As a kitty owner its impossible to not be moved by that middle section.

    The album is fine, some really great music here. Like most recent Mark stuff I doubt I'll revisit it much though, if at all.

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    Wow just read the Aidan Gillen exchange which was very informative & I used to work for many years at a charity called Concern on Camden Street & used to see Aidan and his dog around the area pretty regularly
    As the only thing I do on the social media front is on twitter (@goonersville46) I even made a little joke about Aidan & his dog once which was roughly as follows
    ‘I saw Aidan Gillen & his dog on Camden St today and I stopped to pet him on the head and tickle his tummy....as for the dog....💩’
    Aiden’s fan club seemed to think it was funny at the time

  • From the Consequence of Sound track by track interview:

    "But I gotta be careful when asking people about their lives. I once asked a couple outside of a venue about their lives; and the husband quickly pulled out his phone and proceeded to show me a graphic video of his wife giving birth, with my song “Salvador Sanchez” playing in the background. I told them that it was very nice to meet them, but that I needed to get back to my hotel. I also told them congratulations on the baby."

    Damn, so funny.

    Eyes of Las Villas
    cry for sons
    lost on distant shores
    unforeseen horrors
    Struck and delivered him

    Taking the delivery in another sense?^^

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    The Sunday Times give it a pretty bad review today & this from a newspaper that gave most of his albums pre-Benji effusive praise & in many cases Album of the Week status

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    Editorial review on iTunes:

    “Confessional” doesn’t even begin to describe Sun Kil Moon frontman Mark Kozelek’s style of stream-of-consciousness songwriting. In the past, he’s managed to sing about the inability to endure during sex; the number of calls he received from his hometown’s area code when he found out his cousin died in a fire; his nagging prostate gland; back pain. On This Is My Dinner, his second album of 2018 (with another on the way in early 2019), he continues to mine perspective (and humor) from the banality of his day-to-day over jazz-informed alt-folk/rock instrumentals. But what were once short tableaus about wandering San Francisco’s streets to buy lampshades are now observations and reflections, originating from his travels through the colder part of Europe, eclipsing 10 minutes in length. A flight to Poland yields “Linda Blair,” on which Kozelek imitates a coughing child, gargling like Regan in The Exorcist. You can’t help but chuckle when he delivers, plainspokenly, “I hope it’s just a common cold/And nothing too serious,” before he switches tone and confides, “If it's a serious medical condition/I hope the Lord blesses her.” In the same song, when he paints a complex portrait of boxer Andrew Golota, he finds real sadness in the fighter's punchline of a career, but it’s Kozelek's stunning gift for detail—“He put his left jab out like a kitten/Trying to paw a bedsheet/Hanging out to dry”—that leaves you breathless.

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    Excerpt from Sputnik music review about the title track;

    Now any Sun Kil Moon fan will know that Mark is not shy when it comes to revealing personal details of his life. Like in the title track, he talks about how this girl he met at a show was jerking him off and her angry boyfriend came after him looking for blood. This track is a roller-coaster of a song, as the subject matter is all over the place. Mark goes from talking about hooking up with a girl to rushing home on a plane to see his dying cat. Many people will just see this as rambling, but it's just Mark being Mark.


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    @MrHanky said:
    The Sunday Times give it a pretty bad review today & this from a newspaper that gave most of his albums pre-Benji effusive praise & in many cases Album of the Week status

    haha yes I read this too, they hated it "repellent sexism, soul-sapping pedantry" sounds amazing to me :smiley:

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    So yeah, I'm just gonna call it. This is his best work since Benji. Granted, his post-Benji work ranges from decent to forgettable to outright cringeworthy, but this album has some of the first post-Benji songs I could actually call great. This is Not Possible and This is My Dinner are both really well done, loving the instrumentation on both.

    Mark's ramblings are a lot more focused than I expected out of him, which is nice. They're much more tolerable when there's a theme for him to use. Also, there's the fact that he's kept the cringeworthy lines to a minimum, the only big offender being the end of Linda Blair. (New drinking game: grab a beer during Rock 'n' Roll Singer and chug every time Mark holds a note. Don't stop until he does.)

    But yeah, it's nice to genuinely enjoy a Koz album again. Might even get the vinyl for this.

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    I like the electric piano. It reminds me of Riders on the Storm.

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    @crayon said:

    haha yes I read this too, they hated it "repellent sexism, soul-sapping pedantry" sounds amazing to me :smiley:

    Ha ha, yes!

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