RHP vs. 2017

So I've had too much free time lately and came up with this little summary of playing times, pitting RHP's output of regular albums against Mark's creative rampage this year:

Down Colorful Hill - 43:34
Rollercoaster - 75:37
Bridge - 45:02
Ocean Beach - 54:42
Old Ramon - 71:51
Songs for a Blue Guitar - 70:47
Sum total - 361:33

Common as Light... - 129:55
30 Seconds... - 77:12
Night Talks - 29:43
Yellow Kitchen - 41:20
w/ BB & JW - 87:29
Sum total - 365:39

The bottom line: Mark put out more music this year alone than his entire RHP catalogue! (That's not counting the Shock Me EP, I know.)
Now what to make of this?


  • As he put it himself: he stopped striving for perfection.
    Interesting statistic. I would love to know what the RHP Mark of the 90s would have to say about the Mark of this year. Nothing too kind, I guess.

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    Mind boggling
    Now if we to compare minutes of QUALITY RHP v MK 2017 that might look a whole lot different

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    Quality can be high or low.

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  • The sheer volume of output in such a short time compared to every RHP album added together is insane. I personally am more interested in quality over quantity

  • well keep in mind that in the RHP era he was working for a label (what a label)...just imagine if he could have published whatever he wanted...first record might have been two hours long (see early demos). second record was divided into two (like common). Ocean Beach could have been more than 70 minutes if you include shock me EP. So to me the only difference is that today he's free to publish whenever he wants (and he has a wider audience too).

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