MK - White Christmas LP Box Set (White Vinyl) & SKM - Ghosts of the Great Highway LP for sale!

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Hi! As the title says, I'm selling my Mark Kozelek - White Christmas LP Box set, and my LP of Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts of the Great Highway ...

White Christmas: Bought this at a MK gig; it's the white vinyl tour version (4 x LP, limited to 300 copies). Took it out of the cellophane once when I bought it (to check it was white vinyl) and once to take photos (tonight). Never actually played the LPs though. In really good condition.

Ghosts: This one has been played a few times, but always handled with care and still in really good condition. No scratches to the LPs, but a smallish tear to the spine of the sleeve. Comes with the original OBI sash. It's the Vinyl Films edition (VR 30031 - ltd to 2500 copies) and comes w/ vinyl-only acoustic version of "Gentle Moon". Pics:

Thought I'd post about them first on here before I head over to eBay/discogs! As for prices, they both seem to be quite fetching quite a bit on Discogs these days, and I'm basically just trying to scrape some money together to buy a new guitar amp for my band, so make me an offer! Am also up for doing some kind of discount for both if anyone was interested in that? Willing to sort out whatever kind of postage you'd want, and am based in Manchester (UK) so could also do some kind of collection or delivery in person within a reasonable distance!

Thanks, Chris

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