'Baby In Death Can I Rest Next To Your Grave' Live Recording Request


I am wondering if anyone here can help me out. Me and my dad are both huge SKM/RHP fans, and some time ago - perhaps a year - there was a YouTube video with minimal views of Mark playing an acoustic live version of 'Baby In Death Can I Rest Next To Your Grave'. My dad and I enjoyed it massively, it was our favourite live recording we'd ever heard of him - but we didn't download it, since I've never known Mark's live recordings get removed from YouTube before, especially this one which wasn't even from an album as far as I can tell. Then, you guessed it, it got taken down. However, someone must have uploaded it from somewhere, so I know the recording is out there, on probably multiple computers since I'm sure many had the foresight which I didn't to download. It's also possible it's from a bonus live album, but I haven't found any evidence of this. At any rate, my dad was diagnosed as terminally ill some months ago, and has expressed a burning desire to hear this recording again before he goes, so I'm here trying desperately to see if anyone has it, as I've run out of leads. I even emailed Mark's agent, and got passed through to Mark (who expressed condolences), but he was unaware of any recording. I"m hoping you can help me out. All good wishes.


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