Your Post AFP Koz LP Rankings

Hey, I thought following on from this thread - - that it would be fun to see how we'd all rank Mark's post AFP studio output (not covers or live stuff). Choosing from the following:

Drawing of Threes - 22/11/11
Among the Leaves - 29/5/12
Perils From The Sea - 30/4/13
MK & Desertshore - 20/8/13
Benji - 11/2/14
Universal Themes - 2/6/15
Jesu / SKM - 21/1/16
CALALARVOB - 17/2/17
30 Seconds - 5/5/17

I haven't heard 30 Seconds yet but will rank the rest as follows & update after I've played it a bit:

  1. Perils From The Sea
    (large gap)
  2. Universal Themes
  3. Jesu / SKM
  4. MK & Desertshore
  5. Among The Leaves
  6. Drawing of Threes
  7. Benji
    (large gap)

I will have to start making some playlists as there really are some songs on a few of these albums that do nothing for me whatsoever. Mainly on CALALARVOB. Just played it again and I cannot see it growing on me at all. 130 minutes of almost relentless dreariness & monotomy; 130 minutes of my life I will never get back!


  • I'm going to leave Drawing of Three unranked, as it doesn't have enough meat on its bones Koz-wise. 30 Seconds may rise with further listening. I'll keep you posted.

    1. Benji
    2. MK & Desertshore
    3. Perils
    4. Among the Leaves
    5. Universal Themes
    6. Common
    7. 30 Seconds
    8. Jesu/SKM
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    1. Perils
    2. MK & DS
    3. Benji
    4. ATL
    5. Drawing of Threes
    6. UT
    7. 30
    8. J/S
    9. Common
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    Good thread, was just thinking about this the other day. Mine would be:

    1) Perils
    2) ATL
    3) MK & DS
    4) UT
    5) Jesu/SKM
    6) Common
    7) Benji
    8) Drawing

    Not heard 30 secs so cant comment. Yeah, I didn't like Benji much, and Drawing gets a low ranking coz I barely listen to it, it puts me to sleep.

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    I'll go:

    1 MK & Desertshore
    2 Universal Themes
    3 Drawing of Threes
    4 Perils
    5 Among the Leaves
    6 Jesu/SKM
    7 30 seconds
    8 Christmas Carols
    9 Sings Favourites
    10 Common as Light

    I really like the MK and Desertshore album

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    I forgot Benji, that would go between Among the Leaves and Jesu/skm

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    1. Benji
    2. Among the Leaves
    3. Perils From the Sea

    4. MK & Desertshore

    5. Drawing of Threes
    6. Jesu / SKM

    7. 30 Seconds

    8. Common as Light
    9. Universal Themes
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    1 Perils
    2 Among the Leaves
    3 Universal Themes
    4 Jesu SKM
    5 MK Desertshore
    6 30 Seconds ( This might change, haven't listened to it much)
    7 Benji

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    1. Perils From The Sea
      2, Among the Leaves
    2. Universal Themes
    3. MK Dsertshore
    4. Benji
    5. Jesu / SKM
    6. 30 Seconds

    There's a huge gap between no. 1 and 7! It's actually pretty nuts if you think about it.

    1. Universal Themes
    2. 30 Seconds (still pretty fresh, I know, but I feel like this style isn't one that grows a whole lot; the songs are usually best the first couple of times through, thanks to the dense lyrical style.)
    3. Among the Leaves
    4. Benji
    5. Common As Light and Love
    6. Jesu/SKM

    ...I haven't heard Perils. Apparently I'm missing out.

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    I have never really connected with Perils enough to study it, so I'll leave it off the list. I keep feeling it deserves more attention.

    Benji is the record that got me into MK, and "Clarissa" is an amazing classic. "Mother's Love" and "Dogs" are commendable, but I don't find myself coming back to them.

    1. UT

    2. Among the Leaves

    3. Desertshore

    4. Benji

    5. Common

    6. Sings Favorites

    7. Jesu/SKM

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    I find it telling that Among The Leaves is relatively high on these lists despite its mixed reception at the time (look at the old threads on it!). I played it today and enjoyed it more than some of the more recent releases, and I wasn't a huge fan upon its release. I guess I long for the simplicity at times that is present on ATL and the shorter songs after his recent 'word vomit' writing style

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    1. (joint) Perils From The Sea/ Among The Leaves

    2. Universal Themes

    3. Benji

    4. Drawing Of Threes

    5. Jesu/ SKM

    6. MK & Desertshore

    7. Common As Light

    I'm one of those people whose opinion on Among The Leaves has changed. I really enjoy the whole album, I think it flows really well and I listen to it a lot. It has a nice light atmosphere.

    I haven't listened to 30 Seconds enough yet to put it on my list. And even though I've got Common As Light at the bottom I do enjoy it a lot, it's just so long, and by its nature I don't feel like listening to it over and over.

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    i loved Among the Leaves from day one, mostly because there was so much heart to it. the writing style felt novel but he was still careful with it and seemed excited. if he wrote "Everything's Awesome At All Times" today, it would be like 14 minutes long and have a spoken word part where he imitates the person's diary in a mean voice or something. i think it's pretty telling how few recent songs have made it to his live repertoire. dude's still playing the Benji material pretty much every night, which is ironic bc this whole shift in his career was supposed to be because he was tired of playing the same songs all the time. (end rant)

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    Night talks EP is the best for ME (waiting for next record in October)

    1. Night Talks EP
    2. MK & Jimmy Lavalle > Perils From The Sea
    3. MK & Desertshore
    4. 30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet Earth (Jesu & SKM)
    5. Universal Themes
    6. Among The Leaves
    7. Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood
    8. Jesu & SKM
    9. Benji
    10. Like Rats
    11. Sings Christmas Carols
    12. Yellow Kitchen
    13. Sings Favorites
    14. Down In The Willow Garden EP
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